Finland by car

Acquaintance with the country logically start from the capital. From the border to Helsinki – 186 km, or two hours by the autobahn. On the way, then and the case is encountered by the rocks, crouched by the forest, with a water that combines through the cracks (in winter it freezes and turns into an incredible beauty of frozen waterfalls).

Walk around the capital: Helsinki

Helsinki – a small town, all historical sights of the center are within walking distance. If you take "Helsinki Card", giving the right to a free visit to many museums and travel on city transport, it stands with a sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to Yana Sibelius Park (a monument is very impressive here, consisting of different diameters of "organ pipes") and Church in a rock on the Theppeliaukio Square (the only one in its kind – stone walls, glass stained glass windows, and the dome, to which 40 km of copper wire took).

Helsinki’s atmosphere is the usual Neoclassicism and Northern Yuggendist: the Orthodox Assumption Cathedral of the Red Brick, bright, painted in different colors of the building on the shore of the bay, yellow-green trams, on which it is very convenient to move around the city, numerous cafes on Esplanade (here is the information Bureau and from here excursion buses) and seagulls.

In the autumn there is a carpet from multi-colored leaves, in winter parked cars bought in snow so that they are cleaned by communal services in a couple of days, and in the spring, when there is still no hint of greens, and every swollen kidney holds a drop of rain, the city is flooded with daffodils – on balconies, window sills and concrete tumbach. Wet pines smell like a forest. In salted water bay float ducks. On the shore – Mostki, where Finnish men are erased by rugs (the corresponding inscription on a yellow background is designated special places) – Useful occupation at the plenier, contributing to the development of muscles. Special detergents are used that do not harm the environment.

Zoo Korkeasaari – place mandatory for visiting people of all ages. It is located on a separate island, and the road here is an adventure. First visitors meet lion. And then move on the route among gravel tracks. Behind snow leopards, amur tigers, leopards, and some rare species of arctic animals can be observed in winter. Houses of Africa and Amazonia – "Windows" in a tropical abundance of species. Machine is easiest to get there on the highway 170, minimize Koslomari, Korkeasaari or Zoo pointers will lead to a free parking of the zoo.

In the center of "Eureka" There is a permanent exhibition that introduces visitors with maths of mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry and human anatomy. In the planetarium show impressive scientific films. Visitors ride a bike on a strained rope, trying to launches with nails, create weather for a meteorological monitor and seek their twins in the world with a special criminalistic apparatus. The center is located 500 meters from Tikkurila suburban train station. Near the center – free parking on ul. Cunnication, 7.

Finland by car

Sea Sea Life Located next to Linnanmäki Amusement Park. Among the kingdom of sea waves, you will find all sorts of aquariums – from small tidal to a huge oceanic volume of 250,000 l, through which a special glass tunnel passes, allowing visitors from the inside to peering for underwater life. All of them more than 50. Every hour you can watch the feeding of a particular type: octopuses, rods, sea skates, piras, sharks.

Somomenlinna (Sveaborg – Swedish.) – fortress, Built by the Swedes in 1748-1772 on one of the coastal islands of Helsinki to ensure the safety of the entire southern coast of Finland. Now it is included in the UNESCO list and is a huge open-air museum: Rips, defensive structures, weapons are preserved,. Traveling to Suomenlinna, or in Suokki, as the island of Finns call, begins with the Helsinki shopping area. Ferries to the fortress in winter are departed every hour, in summer – every 20 minutes. The ticket is valid 12 hours, that is, it is possible to return back. On the islands where the fortress is located, you can wander on your own or with an excursion (in Finnish, Swedish or English).

If suddenly the weather is so-so, a great place to be wrapped in warm water, – Waterpark "Serena" In the suburb of Helsinki Espoo, the largest in Scandinavia. Several curious slides, slow river, sauna and jacuzzi – the entire gentleman’s set is in stock, in addition, the open area is working in the summer. In general, if you are with children, then this is a must-see. By the way, there are mountain slopes nearby – low, but if reluctant to go far north, then the day you can ride.

To visit the Moyi Family: Turku Naantali

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