Fingal’s Cave (Fingal’s Cave)

Little Scottish Island of Staffa (Staffa), which is part of the Hebrid Islands, annually attracts hundreds of tourists. The fact is that sea waves and rare weather of foggy Albion washed the soil on this shred sushi, forming a whole cave system. Fingalova Cave (Fingal’s Cave) — The most famous of them. It is interesting not only by its basalt columns amazingly the right form, but also acoustics inside her. Local not in vain call her “cave melodies”.

The dimensions of this miracle of nature are really impressive: the height of the arches here reaches 14 meters. Echo of the surf repeatedly beaten from the walls and is similar to the church choir, sounding in the cathedral. Such a melody inspired once composer Mendelssohn write an overture. Who knows, perhaps, she will also come to the creation of something beautiful.

Fingal's Cave (Fingal's Cave)

Visit to the island open from May to September, but the best time to admire the cave — Spring when the vertices of reefs are covered with flowers, and algae in the vicinity becomes multicolored. Boats can not go to the arched cave entrance — too narrowly, so getting to get on your two. To do this, a safe trail equipped with handrails stretches over the very edge of the water. But the shoes just in case it is better to take comfortable, without a sliding sole.

You need to get to the cave in two stages: first on a car ferry from the port of Lochalin or the city of Oban to the island of Mall, and already from there — on the boat.

Fingal's Cave (Fingal's Cave)

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