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The method of fishing with the help of trained cormorants existed in China since ancient times. Birds dive into the water for prey and return to the raft or boat. At the same time, on the neck of the cormorants, a special ring is worn so that they cannot swallow caught fish (if the bird is well trained enough, then the ring can not be used). To the rings also tie the rope so that the cormorants do not flew too far. Pernaya fishermen can catch almost any freshwater fish, and even flames can become marine prey. Unfortunately, this unusual fishing tradition is almost lost, it has been preserved only in some Chinese provinces. Only older people own well-trained birds. Previously, "My Planet" published a photoproject about atypical China and told about other unusual Chinese traditions.

Music Box

Swedish Music Group Wintergatan (Swede. – "Milky Way") is known for his love for unusual musical instruments. In their songs, they have already used thermwox, typewriter as percussion and modular synthesizer of its own design. But the pearl of their musical collection of oddities, no doubt, is a giant MARBLE Machine Music Box. Invented and built her musician group Martin Mulin. He embedded in the design of metallophone, vibrafophone, drum, bass guitar and other musical instruments. The sounds of them are extracted due to metal balls (in the car of them 2000!), the speed and nature of the movement of which is regulated using a special flywheel. Work on the creation of a casket Martin began in the fall of 2014, and the final version introduced in late February 2016. Subsequently, Wintergatan recorded a whole album using Marble Machine. Read also on how to invented a typewriter specifically for notes.

Heavenly body

At this historical photo of 1931, it was captured, as the Egyptians are watching the airship "Graph Zeppelin", soaring over the pyramids of Giza (and now deltaplaneers fly there). This passenger airship was built in Germany in 1928 and at that time was the largest and most advanced airship in the world. He received her name in honor of the German pioneer airships of a hard system of the chapel. Unlike his fellow (and all of them were built about 150), the aircraft had a very happy fate. For the first nine years of operation, "Zeppelin" spent 17,110 hours in the air, transported 13,10 people, overcame 1.7 million km, performed 590 flights. At the same time, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 143 times and once – quiet.

Finds of the week

In 1930, the airship even flew to Moscow! And on July 26-30, 1931, with scientific purposes, flew over most of the Soviet Arctic ("My Planet" published an interesting material about the Soviet Arctic). On board the vessel, then the Soviet specialists were. After the wreck of the airship "Hindenburg", regular flights "Graph Zeppelin" stopped (apparently, to no longer feel fate), and he himself turned into a museum. And in the spring of 1940 and disassembled at all and spare parts were allowed to the needs of the German military industry at the beginning of World War II. By the way, the airships are furious by air expanses and today.

I’m watching you

What can be touching than a gray kitten, carefully watching for something? That’s right, only two such kitten! Do you know that over 500 million domestic cats live in the world? By the way, domesticated them in ancient Egypt. At the same time, the smuggling of cats at the time caught the death penalty! Cats in Egypt generally treated with all seriousness. When the domestic cat died, family members mourned it and swipe eyebrows. In addition, they conducted a funeral, during which they beat themselves in the chest and saw wine. The body of the animal was embarrassed and placed in a family tomb or on a special pet cemetery with tiny mums of mice (so that it was fought in the afterlime world). In 1888, more than 300,000 mummified cats found on such cemeteries. Earlier, "my planet" talked about cats in the metropolis and placed a photoproject about Egypt.

Finds of the week

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