Finds of the Week – New Year’sdition

When the first New Year cards appeared and what they were, how to save the Christmas tree from the cats and in which city the most beautiful salutes. Editorial selection of photos, video and entertaining facts about how the new year is celebrated on the planet.


Previously, people knew felt in fun! See yourself by looking at our selection of vintage New Year cards. Storks and naked amrages, moon, drinking champagne directly from the bottle, and a gentleman who has already watched this champagne. In what, and in a rich fantasy our ancestors will not refuse. By the way, you know how postcards appeared? Similar messages People sent a few more centuries ago. In the British Museum you can see a love card dated XV century. It is believed that Duke Orleans sent her wife from prison. Bottle Mail existed. About the most interesting messages wrote "My Planet".

Historians are confident that greeting cards appeared first, they often painted by artists from hand. The first printed postcard was made by order of Sir Henry Cowla. A Christmas family dinner was depicted on a 12 x 7 cm card, and above could be read: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!»The first postcards appeared in 1869, they were released in Austria. They were just a piece of paper without drawing, with a passed postage stamp. The drawings appeared later – then the postcards became known as artistic.

Finds of the Week - New Year'sdition

Christmas tree under protection

How to protect the New Year tree from cats is the task with which the author of this video has been successfully and withered. And you can: buy a pendant Christmas tree that is attached to the wall, sprinkle a Christmas tree with a citrus flavor (cats do not like it), wrap the trunk of foil (it’s inconvenient to climb it). Well, of course, refrain from Mishura and rain – the pets are very loved to eat them, but it is deadly for them.

Finds of the Week - New Year'sdition

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