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In the XIX century, the our artist and the author of the popular caricature Emmanuel Poire moved to live in France and took himself a creative pseudonym Karan d’Ash. In honor of him, Arnold Schweitzer in 1924 called his pencil factory in Geneva. Thus, the CARAN D’ACHE brand is named after the our word, and not the opposite. Nowadays, Mark produces expensive writing tools, accessories and products for painting.

Stand, Sheep, stand up

This nine-month-old Border Coll puppy already knows how to follow the sheep. After all, such dogs are traditionally used as shepherd dogs. According to a study conducted by scientists from the University of British Columbia, it is Border Collie who is the smartest among all breeds.

Even if you are not a panda

Tourists who come to Kyoto are sure to seek to visit the famous bamboo forest in Arashyama, a cozy suburb of the ancient capital of Japan. Bamboo here grows on both sides of the path and reaches such a height that closes the sky. When the wind rises, the plants stem musically rustle. Forest visitors argue that this sound has a pacifying effect. Interestingly, bamboo grows with a phenomenal speed – up to 120 cm per day. His stems can rise up to 40 m. Admire also by other picturesque views of Japan in the photo project "My Planet".

Adventures "Titanic"

This frame was made in 1980 on the filming of the film "Raise "Titanic"". Building the model of the vessel cost $ 350,000. But it turned out that it is too large for the tank where they were going to shoot. I had to build a new one, what another $ 6 million was gone. Read also about the treasures and artifacts of the real "Titanic" in the material "My Planet".

Deprived of equilibrium

As it turns out, it is not so easy to go through the packers through the Tunnel of the optical illusions of Vortex. Although the floor is absolutely immobile, rotating walls for which the image is projected, will make anyone to feel dizziness.

Small adults

Finds of the week 99

In this photo, it is not just a boy and a girl who did not follow the parents. The picture captured the 13-year-old Princess Yvonna and 12-year-old Prince Alexander, descendants of Sine Wittgenstein Sayn dynasty. The first mention of this notable family refer to 1145, it lived in the territory of German Westphalia. Picture made Princess Marianna Sayn-Wittgenstein Sayn in 1955. She loved to take pictures very much, and the Mammarazzian nicknamed her.

Further fate of these children is curious. Philip Sayn-Wittgenstein – such a complete name was wary of the princess – also took up a photo. Once, having left for another shooting, she fell into a car accident and died. But what is the strangest – Brother Philippes, Alexander, who has been born with his wife Gabriella, a total of seven children, called one of the daughters of Philip in honor of the sister. The girl also chose the profession of the photographer. and died in a car accident in 2001. Tragic coincidence!

Read also the material "My Planet" about modern princesses.

Very living nature

Listhotel and Orchidogo Mantis – Real Natural Disguise Professionals. These insects are common in Southeast Asia, on the islands of Melanesia and in the tropical forests of India. Interestingly, they are easy to keep in captivity, so such insects are often set as pets as pets. Earlier, "my planet" wrote about the gibe, to the detachment of whose sheets. Read also about what other animal animals hold at home.

Finds of the week 99

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