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A group of fans of history and refoographies in Facebook gathered an impressive selection of pictures of historical, iconic and just beautiful places "Then and now". Looking at these photos, you can see how the world has changed not only for the past century, but literally in the last 30 years. The pictures captured the embankment of nations and "Moulin-Rouge" in Paris, as well as lunch at the top of the skyscraper in the USA and England with a difference in almost 100 years.

Lyhai pursuit

Have you ever seen a penguin chasing a butterfly? Movement spectacle! By the way, for the first time on the Penguins, Antonio Pigafetta, who traveled with Magellan in 1520. "Strange geese" – so he called mysterious birds. The Penguin family includes a total of 17 species, all of them live in the southern hemisphere. The largest in the family is the imperial penguin (its growth reaches 120 cm), and the smallest – blue (on average 33 cm). And in antiquity, these animals generally grew over 2 m high! Penguins, according to scientists, monochrome. Moreover, they prefer to multiply there, where they themselves appeared, building a constant nest there.

Test of endurance

So they experienced the strength of the Moscow Bridge in Kyiv (he is currently called the North Bridge) December 3, 1976. On the road part of the bridge, 150 trucks were brought, topped with sand. At one of the stages of testing, cars even jumped through special springboard to try to scream a bridge. At the same time, drivers were so not afraid to do these maneuvers that some even took their relatives in the cab. Total tests launched two days. The bridge of them with honor stood.

Under the comb wave

Amazing slow motion video, allowing you to feel surphist and see how the camera passes right under the comb big wave. By the way, the highest ordinary wave was seen on the territory of Agullas (South Africa) in 1933 by sailors from the American ship Ramapo. The height of the wave was 34 m. Such huge waves are called "murderers", even a large ship may die in the failures between them. Theoretically, the height of normal waves can reach 60 m, but in practice they have not yet been seen.

If we talk about the tsunamis, then the title of record holder belongs to the wave, rudderd in 1958 on the Bay of Lita on Alaska. This tsunami was provoked by a giant landslide and had a speed of 160 km / h. The height of the wave was then estimated at 524 m.

Mysterious mound

This is an amazing creature – Antarctic sea worm Eulagisca Gigantea. It reaches 20 cm long and looks like an alien monster, or on a Christmas toy. Most of the biologists believes that the worm is powered by Padalu, therefore it is an important link of ecology in cold waters, where the decomposition of the organicities by virtue of low temperatures is very difficult. Interestingly, this creature can use their bristles: for example, walk on them or row them during swimming. In addition, they are very tough, so the worm has practically no natural enemies.

Finds of the week 96

Thunderstorm Arbuzov

On May 6th of this year, a new (and very strange) world record was supplied. Rashid Nasim in Karachi (Pakistan) broke 51 Watermelon for 60 seconds. According to the winner, he had to train for several months to show a worthy result. Nasim is fond of martial arts and argues that it helped him to beat the previous record. Previously, the most watermelons – 43 per minute – suffered from the head of Tafzy Ahmed (Germany). Past achievement was recorded at the rose festival in Germany on May 27, 2011.

The smallest skyscraper

The most tiny skyscraper in the world is in the town of Wichita Falls (USA). In 1912, oil was found in the vicinity of the settlement, which caused a sharp influx of immigrants. In addition to housing, the need for office buildings also arose. Then J. Engineer. D. McMagagon developed a 480-footed building project (about 146 m) and requested to work $ 200,000. A year later construction was completed, but the building was height. just 12 m. It turned out that in the project the engineer accidentally pointed the height not in feet, but in inches. And customers did not pay attention to this fact.

Investors tried to return their money through the court, but the engineer and the next washed. At first, the building was annoyed by local residents, but gradually acquired fame and got the title "The smallest skyscraper in the world". Now there is a studio of the artist and an antique store.

Finds of the week 96

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