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In this photo captured the famous rocks Moker in Ireland. They are located in County Clare, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. More than 1 million tourists from all over the world come to a picturesque view every year: Rocks are legally considered to be the most popular attraction of the country. About 30,000 birds of 20 different species live in these lands, including the largest group of Atlantic deadlocks in Ireland. In 2009, Rocks Mocher included in the list of 28 candidates in seven new miracles of the world (read about other similar lists) – however, they did not fall into the final list. And in Ireland believe that south of the cliffs is the magical island of Tir-foot, the country of eternal youth. According to legends, everyone living there is never aging, there are no diseases, pain and hunger. In general, the real paradise from the ancient myths. Maybe it is his hopes to see millions of travelers? Photo project about other beauties of Ireland, see the link.

Slender rows

Hungarian photographer Ferenc Takacs from Jukin Media agency filmed a quadrocopter winter deer migration. This impressive spectacle was noticed on the border of the cities of Tatorshai and Udvar. In just a couple of days, the roller became very popular on the Internet, having gathered about 500,000 views. Meanwhile, the deer locals are watching annually, this is a completely natural and usual phenomenon for these places. "The herd migrates along the border every year in the area of ​​the Tettos, Bola, Satorheli and Otvara," wrote Takach. Earlier, "my planet" learned from scientists, why the deer lead rounds.

Toilet story

Now, along with snow vertices, picturesque fjords, glaciers and waterfalls, tourists coming to Norway can visit the most unusual. Public toilets. The corresponding list was recently posted on the Up Norway website. It must be said that this is not just a place for hygiene, they were designed by the most famous local and international architects and are created in such a way as to fit into the environment. Previously published a book about the most amazing toilets in the world.

This is Love

Finds of the week 93

Being a photographer wildlife – complex and dangerous work! That’s how you sit with myself with a camera in the snow, aims to remove a picturesque frame, how suddenly you are attacked by an extremely friendly seal. And he wants love. These animals are very sociable, the content is strongly tied to people and are easily leaving for training. Interestingly, in the mythology of many countries of seals, they are traditionally associated with toned. For example, Eskimos believe that these mammals can turn into people. They taught humanity to swim and fish and entered with women in unions, from which mixed offspring was born. Thus, seals performed as the founders of the genus and totem animals. In the myths of the ancient Greece, Nymphs from the Sweetheus, the son of Poseidon, turned into seals to avoid unnecessary attention from people. In Celtic legends, there are stories about women-sealing women who are close to sirens: they lured their singing on the rocks. Previously, "My Planet" talked about the rules of the life of the photographer of wildlife.

Oh you, drunk stump!

At this picture, made in 1890, the Fildbruck stump was captured. Giant sequoia in Fildbroke, if she lived to this day, had every chance to be the biggest tree in the world. However, in 1890, she became a victim. dispute in the bar. William Valdorf Astor, an American businessman who moved to the UK and received the title of Lord, shifted on the mortgage, which will make a table from a solid cutting tree, which can accommodate 40 people. Suitable tree managed to find in Fieldbroque. Astor won the dispute, and the tabletop went to the Palace of Businessman in Bakingemshire. Thus, a huge stump of 10.7 m diameter remained from a 4000-year-old tree, which became a pad for spectacular photos. Previously, "My Planet" told about seven worst forests on Earth.

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