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Admire how ordinary earth landscapes look like, if our planet suddenly had rings like Saturn. From the equator, they seemed to be one bright stripe. If you move north, the rings would have to occupy a significant part of the sky. And being in the south, in Polynesia, at night it would be possible to see the ring, in the center of which there is a dark oval – shadow from the ground.

By the way, a long time ago, the earth was still one ring (read about other changes that have suffered our planet for her long history). When her collided with her, the many pieces of her fragments were thrown into space. They began to rotate around the Earth, forming a belt, but over time they were connected to one whole. That is how the moon. Previously, "My Planet" published a guide to the main attractions of the Earth satellite.

What is this nose itches?

Fearless diver provides psychological assistance to Sharley, scratching her nose. How she still did not eat him? The fact is that in the nose of these predators there is a huge number of nerve endings, from the active stimulation of which they fall into the similarity of paralysis. By the way, that’s why, if suddenly, the shark was swimming during the real immersion and decided to attack (although they rarely attack people, but they may well eat relatives), it is worth hitting her nose. Fish will be disoriented for some time, and it will be possible to try to float.

Honorary Mother

Finds of the week 92

In this photo, 80-year-old turtle and 37 of her little kids are captured. Mother heroine, not otherwise (passes our test of young and parents in the animal world)! By the way, you know that land turtles reach a warm-creation age about 10-15 years? After that, they can pair, and females are postponed – depending on the type of turtle – from one to two hundred eggs. To attract a partner, male turtles arrange real tournament battles. They pursue the opponent, bite him and try to turn over. The males of water painted (Chrysemys Picta) and decorated (pseudemys) turtles take care of the lady of the heart even more original: flooded backwards, fascinating the female and clapping her in the face of the front paws. Yes, here the chances of staying unnoticed are zero!

Between us melts ice

Look at what unusual effect it turns out when the inner layer of ice on the trees is faster than the external. It seems that the tree is crying! So it turns out due to the temperature difference: the sun heats the wood, and its internal temperature is higher than the outside, where the cold wind blows. As a result, ice melts inside, but remains strong outside. By the way, some Internet users compared the resulting patterns with Rorschah stones. Read also about what amazing things can be seen in Russia, if not afraid of snow and jellies.

Finds of the week 92

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