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Over 280 world museums, libraries, universities and cultural platforms took part in the project #ColorourCollections. Based on their archives, they created coloring and posted them to PDF open access. I must say that such pictures will be interesting to paint not only to children, but also adults. For example, Carnegie Hall shared his old posters, the staff of the US National Medicine Library laid out coloring with alchemists, skeletons and nurses. Barcelona University laid out wilds of vintage manuscripts (see also our photo project about marine monsters on the map of the world), the University of Glasgow proposed to paint the medieval engravings with animals, and the fashion technological Institute in New York posted a clothing sketches. In general, all lovers of paints and pencils aged 3 to 103 will find something interesting for themselves.

Underwater demon

This frightening type of Latin fish is called Inimicus Didactylus, and in English – Demon Stinger, which can be translated as a sting of a demon. She is a poisonous (by the way, do you know whether the poisonous snakes bite each other?) can reach a length of 25 cm and has a very unpleasant appearance. "Demonian fish" leads mainly a night lifestyle, and during the day they prefer to dig in the sand. If they still need to move, they make it a very curious way – crawling along the bottom, using their chest fins as legs. Other ways of movement of animals tell colleagues from the "Live Planet" in the material "Movement – Life!".

How much rozhkin?

Finds of the week 91

Little girafe named Margaret is only 10 days. She lives in the Chester Zoo (Cheshire County, England) and is very waiting for it to feed it with milk from the bottle employee of the Tim Rowland Zoo. The fact is that the baby has problems with the mother’s food, so people feed it. Margaret refers to the departments of giraffes called Giraffe Rothschild. It is considered the most rare. These animals are distinguished by 5, and not 2 headings on the head. So, Margaret became the first giraffe of the Rothschild, which appeared on the light in the zoo. In the wild, there are less than 700 individuals. Read about other rare fauna representatives, which (fortunately!) saved from extinction.

Brick Male Heaven Croot

Admire how they effectively beat the zipper during the Atlantic season of hurricanes in Florida. It takes place in the north of the Atlantic from June 1 to November 30. Peak is also observed around September 10. Every year at this time the most intensive hurricanes are formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Cyclones that arise in this zone are called hurricanes, tropical storms or tropical depressions depending on their strength. For example, Hurricane Katrina, considered the most destructive in the history of the United States, passed over the coast of Florida near Miami in this season, in August 2005. Most then went to New Orleans in Louisiana – under the water turned out to be about 80% of the city area. Read more about the most terrible hurricanes in the history and the most rare atmospheric phenomena.

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