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This photo was made in 1913. It captures the highest european man of the time (Cornelius Bruns), the fattest (Cannon, called a Dutch colossusion) and the lowest (name is unknown). Combined their poker game. It is known that Cannon weighed over 330 kg – note that he literally sits on two chairs. The growth of Cornelius was 221 cm. The Growth of Dwarf remained unknown, the story retained only the fact that at the time of shooting it was already 70 years. What ended the party, also remains a mystery. Read also the material "My Planet" about what Russia was at the beginning of the 20th century.

We sail on the ice

Admire how a pack of penguins quickly retires from ice floes right into the ocean! Very friendly guys, is not true? And they usually hunt flocks. Feed penguins with crustaceans, fish and molluscs. Can drink and fresh, and sea water, swallow snow. The growth of the smallest penguins is 40 cm, and the largest – 1-1.2 m. These animals appeared on Earth for a very long time, another 60 million years ago. Archaeologists managed to find bones of about 40 fossil species, and at least seven of them were very large, in about 100-120 kg in about 100-120 kg! By the way, you know why Penguins do not live in the Arctic, and white bears – in Antarctica?

Somewhere I saw you

Only people do not make a business in our time! For example, CUDDLE CLONES for $ 199 is ready to build anyone who wants super-valid slippers in the form of. Their domestic pet. To manufacture (this is done completely manually) leaves eight weeks. Despite the high cost, there are many people who are ready to pay for them. However, the result actually has almost photographic accuracy. Judging by the photo, the animals themselves are most of all the unexpected neighborhood. By the way, if you have two dogs (one, say, dachshund, and the second – bull terrier), you can order two different slippers to not offend anyone. At the same time they do not confuse where the right, and where the left. Earlier, "my planet" talked about why in some countries of the world it is not customary at home.

Love in the sky

Finds of the week 90

This video was shot in 2018 at AIRVENTURE OSHKOSH airfale in Wisconsin (USA). Behind the steering wheel F-16 Fighting Falcon, the American light fighter fourth generation, there was a pilot John Waters. Together with colleagues, they spent a spectacular performance for the spectators of the festival. By the way, at the Airventure, which has existed since 1953, more than 10,000 aircraft from around the world fly away. For comparison, in 1971 there were only 600. To ensure the safety of moving such a number of aircraft, complex instructions for air traffic, which in 2014 held 32 pages! Read also anonymous pilot interview.

Where I want to go there

This lizard is called an ordinary volatile dragon. It is found in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and usually lives on trees. She has leather folds on the sides, which for the disclosure form the semblance of wings, on which the dragon can plan in the air to a distance of up to 20 m. At the same time, males on the throat also have a special skin fold, which is advanced and helps to stabilize the body when flying. Lizards plan to jump from the tree to the tree and expand the same power zone, without going down to the ground. After all, there are many predators there!

Finds of the week 90

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