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This photo was made on the beach of Venice in California in 1934. On her group of girls playing volleyball right on stilts. It is unlikely that this sport was very popular in the USA. Most likely, professional gymnasts are captured in the picture, and the stuffed in the ground (by the way, hops were also collected in those years on the stilts). But you knew how to have fun in those years! For example, on the beaches regularly satisfied rabbit run, played right on the sand in bowling and danced under jazz music.

Let’s play in the catchy?

A minute of milot on the air. You just admire how this elephant chases birds! By the way, pregnancy for elephants lasts longer than any other animals, – as many as 22 months (and to conceive an elephant can only be a few days a year). Newborn elephant weighs more than 100 kg. Mom feeds his milk up to 5 years. Rights are growing long: in the first three years only 5-8 cm per year, and then 20-25 cm. They can give birth to their children at the age of about 10 years, while still teenagers. And adults are these animals only by 25 years. Previously, "My Planet" published a large photo project about elephants and people.

Blue flame

Finds of the week 9

This spectacular glow was removed at night on the Sapphire Coast beach in the new South Wales, Australia (and in those edges it happens rain from spiders!). It occurs because of the cluster at the shore of the single-cell algae spending the night (Noctiluca Scintillans). In calm state, it is practically imperceptible, but if you begin to influence it mechanically (what happens, for example, when the surf waves are broken down by the shore), starts glowing. Over the past decades, the spending day is actively spreading. In the water area of ​​Sydney in Australia, they were first discovered in 1860, and from the beginning of the XXI century it is already found much south, in the area of ​​Tasmania. Read also about what you can not do in Australia.

Hair Log

In 2008, the German Christoph Rihejage was traveled by 4646 km long: passed from China back to Germany. He began in Beijing, crossed alone the Gobi desert, visited a variety of abandoned places. All events he documented with the camera. Returning home, Christoph collected a film from thousands of pictures, which called the "longest way". It can see how the author changed, his view and expression of the face during the journey, and most importantly – how his hair and beard grew! Earlier, "my planet" told what advice was given to travelers in the XIX century, and also learned who could not be bearded.

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