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Eric – artist, instaboker under the nickname SpaceGooose, programmer and developer of computer games from California. At leisure, he likes to turn everything around. in starship! He takes a completely ordinary object – for example, shampoo, spoons with lemon squeezed between them or even an eraser draws on the basis of his shape a real cable cruiser. Here it is, the strength of live fantasy. And you would like to visit such a ship? Earlier, "my planet" was the playlist of space music.

lost World

This impressive video was filmed in the Chinese National Forest Park Zhangjiajie, in the territory of Wool’yuan, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Park is especially famous for many natural pillars from quartz and sandstone. The most beautiful of them is the column of the southern sky. It has a height of 1080 m and in early 2010 was officially renamed Mount Avatar-Alliluy, as the creators of the blockbuster stated that the image of the flying cliffs in the film was inspired by the mountains of Zhangjiajie. In total, there are more than 3,000 such peaks in the park, one third of which has a height of over 200 m, and the highest – 1890 m.

Cats all do better

As you know, the Japanese love all Kavai. Even checks from shops and hotels, they try to do cute, placing down the document here such is not obligatory, but very touching quotes! In general, the attitude of the attitude of the rising sun. There every year on February 22, the informal day of the cat is celebrated. The Japanese to the Mustache-striped belongs to great respect. There is even a cat island here! (About how life in the metropolis affects the cats, "my planet" wrote earlier.) You probably met porcelain or plastic kittens, which are marashe with a paw with a clutch of sushi bars or a cafe with ramen. These are talismen bringing good luck (we also talked about other similar subjects). At the same time, if the cat raised the right foot, then it attracts good luck and money, and if the left – then she loves customers.

There are cats and in Japanese mythology. They are called Babeneko. They can turn any cat, more than 3.75 kg or lived a certain period. The Japanese believe that Babaneco has magical abilities. They can take the appearance of a person, revive the dead and throw in enemies with fiery balls. Turning into Babaneco, cats guard their favorite owners or pursue those who, on the contrary, turned to them bad.

Finds of the week 89

Clash of the Titans

During the trip to the island of Rincha (Indonesia), photographer Chris Breey was lucky enough to fall out the fighting of two large-scale Dresser Varanov. Animals staged a fierce battle to find out who is stronger. Bray kept from animals at a distance, and not in vain! They are the largest of the now living lizards: can reach weight in 80 kg and length of 3 m and more. The diet of these giants consists mainly of very large animals: Kabanov, deer, buffaloes (!), horses and mantangs. Also known cases of attacks of Varanov on people. In general, this lizard is able to kill the animal 10-15 times greater than its weight. Previously, "My Planet" talked about the most dangerous extinct animal planets.

And rose smells a rose

Think, this is an unusual flower derived by botany? Not at all, in fact it is a blooming cone plants called KETELERY David. This type of evergreen coniferous plants is found in Vietnam and China. Ketelia can reach a height of 40-50 m and have soft wood, which is actively used for construction and furniture production. For the first time they were described in the middle of the XIX century and attributed to fir. Only 20 years later, the French botanist Eli Abel Quarry decided to highlight the plant in a separate appearance and called him in honor of the Belgian Gardener Jean-Baptist Keteleore. About other illusions, although not botanical, we wrote. Why it seems that man with a portrait looks right on you?

Finds of the week 89

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