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It’s not photoshop at all. This phenomenon was called "Baikal Zen" – stones brought by the wind on the ice of Baikal, during the day heated from the Sun. Ice under them melts, and, thanks to strong winds that blow out the resulting water, the stones remain standing on a thin leg. "Zen" can be seen, for example, at Cape Uuge in the Sarmin Gorge area. Looks like Cappadocia cliffs – True, the wind worked there.

As you know, Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet. To confirm its maximum depth – 1642 m – researchers in 2002 made measurements at 1,312,788 lake points. Baikal’s water make up about 19% of all world stocks of fresh water. At the same time, it is so clean that it can clearly see objects at a depth of up to 40 m. Previously, "My Planet" published material about lakes and bays of our planet.

Best friend

Watervators, or Capibars, are the largest of modern rodents. In the language of the Indians Guarani, their name means "Mr. Herbs". These are very social creatures, easy to have a common language with other representatives of the animal world. They are friends with birds, rabbits, monkeys and even. crocodiles. In nature, Capibars usually live in groups of 10-20 animals, each has its own leader. By the way, they receive and practical benefit from birds with birds: Pernaya opened from the wool rodents of various insects. Such a symbiosis.

Born in the shirt

Get acquainted with Fran Selak, Music Teacher from Croatia. He is considered the most lucky person in the world. For his life, he repeatedly got into critical situations, of which was almost unharmed (read other stories about wonderful salvations). The first case occurred with him in 1962, when the train in which he was driving, got off the rails and fell into the river. 17 people died, and Selak managed to swim ashore. Then there was a whole series of incidents: he managed to get out of a suddenly tanned car a few seconds before the explosion; fell into a stack of hay from the plane, during the flight of which the door suddenly opened; got off the bruises after his bus shot down; broke on the car from the mountain road, but managed to jump and clogged behind the tree. And in 2002, I bought a lottery ticket for the first time in 40 years and immediately won £ 600,000.

Finds of the week 87

star fever

Adjust what delightful timelaps video happened when the photographer Michael Sheinblum filmed space over low clouds in the Eastern Alps. It looks like you were in a fairy tale! Sheinblum lives in San Francisco, California (USA), and professionally engaged in photography and shooting videos for 11 years. He was repeatedly published in the Wired Magazine and National Geographic magazines, and among his clients there are Apple, Google and Facebook. "Since childhood, I loved doing things with my own hands," says the photographer. – I tried it all: sculpture, painting, carbon drawing. At the age of 14, the parents gave me the first chamber, and I realized that it was almost as exciting cool pictures as to handle them later. Or maybe even more interesting. Since then, I dragged with me the camera everywhere. From this began my passion ".

In the bag

This unusual headdress is called Biguden. It is traditional for women in French Brittany. Initially, he was a high cape who closed only the head of the head, and at the base he was an elongated triangular piece of fabric. By 1900, the headdress received the shape of a high sugar head, and later became even higher – to 15-20 cm in height. And this case was not limited to: Bigudena continued to grow, and today their height reaches 30-35 cm! This headdress consists of four parts: a black velvet hat on the back of the head, actually the cap, his back, which is attached separately, as well as long lace tapes that can sometimes go down to the belt itself. Do you know the story of the appearance of the Bolivian kittel? Look also video about the history of hats over the past 100 years.

Finds of the week 87

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