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So picturesquely looked the roof of Boston (Massachusetts, USA), when the locals massively laid their pants on them to dry them after the famous Novoangalian Hurricane 1938. He is also respectful called Great Hurricane or Long Island Express. He was one of the few strong hurricanes who were raging in New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut). Initially, he formed off the coast of Africa in early September 1938, but by the end of the month I got to the island of Long Island. A total of 682 to 800 people died due to the elements, and 57,000 houses were destroyed. Even after 13 years after a rampant of the elements, in some places it was possible to see the ruins of buildings and fallen trees that still did not remove. Great Hurricane still remains the strongest in the history of this region of America. About other famous Hurricanes "My Planet" wrote in this article, and here it was told than typhoon, a hurricane and tsunami differ from each other.

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Finds of the week 86

Oh, these strange Japanese, all the time come up with something new. In this video, for example, you can observe how the Stoolerov Competitions are held in the country of the Rising Sun. In Japan, the plane is not pushing, but move on. In the competition wins the one who creats the finest chips. The winner managed to create the finest layer of 30 microns. For comparison, a regular sheet of paper has a thickness of 100 microns. Here it is, skill! Read also the material "My Planet" about unusual Japanese customs.

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