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No, it’s not photoshop and not a scene from Disney cartoon. Butterflies of Dryas Iulia in fact love to sit on the heads in crocodile kaymans (and turtles) and. drinking their tears. The fact is that for these insects, tears are one of the few ways to produce nutrients and minerals, in particular sodium salts and proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the organism of butterflies and maintaining the ability to reproduce. Well, kaiman and not against, judging by his satisfaction the muzzle! Read also an unusual history of migratory butterflies.

Black hole

Finds of the week 84

This amazing spectacle can be observed in California (USA) on Lake Berriessa. The reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of the Monticello dam and are named after the first European settlers in the valley РJos̩ Hesus and the secret "Sisto" Berrelets, who settled on the Ranch Las Putas in 1843. Most of the lake is famous for its hydroslifting, known as the Hole hole (Glory Hole). In this gigantic concrete pipe, water flows in case of water lifting in the lake Рand then a spectacular whirl is formed. Of course, swim next to the hole is strictly forbidden, because the hydrainer can easily tighten the person. So, in 1997, a 41-year-old woman who ignored the rules, died. Every year, several million tourists come to Lake Berriess to see the unusual spectacle and enjoy the beauty of local nature.

Finds of the week 84

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