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That is how the participants of the first world beauty contest looked like. The final of the competition was held on September 19, 1888 in the town of Spa in Belgium (by the way, the name of the town has become nominative and is now used in relation to places where healthcare water procedures are offered; there has become a popular spa resort in the XIV century, and two centuries later his healing water in the jugs sold in many European countries). In a private board, posted 21 girls from among the 350 candidates who sent their photos to participate in the contest. The winner chose a purely male jury. Having interviewed with all finalists of the queen of beauty called 18-year-old Bert Sukar from Guadeloupe (!). She received the main prize of 5000 francs. The familiar to the crown of the queen was invented a little later. Previously, "My Planet" published a photoproject about the Muslim beauty contest.

The land is not sick

Finds of the week 83

This impressive video was shot by astronauts on the ISS while working in the open space (find out what crew members are engaged in there). Station at that moment flew over Mexico. You can imagine what it is – to repair something at the facility, which moves at a speed of 7.66 km / s and takes plenty of land for the day 15.5 times (that is, the full turn takes 92 minutes!)? Astronauts say that each of them experienced an amazing feeling when I first saw our planet with orbit with my own eyes. It is called the Review Effect (Overview Effect – England.) and is characterized by the fact that the Earth from the space is perceived as a fragile ball, which hangs in emptiness and life is protected only by a thin layer of the atmosphere. Read also interview with deserved cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin.

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