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You are looking at one of the oldest photos in the world. She was made in 1839. The picture is captured by Dorothy Cathry Draper, sister of american doctor, chemist, philosopher, historian and photographer John William Drayer. Dorothy became the world’s first woman depicted on a distinct portrait photo. The picture was made on the roof of the New York University of the Main Building at 65 seconds. The day was cloud, and so that the photo came out more contrast, the girl had to cover the face of the flour layer. And those were the first pictures of Kodak.

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Finds of the week 81

Even the biggest cats love when they are stroking and scratch! By the way, white lions are very rarely found in nature, today their number does not exceed 300 individuals (but they were still lucky – for example, three types of tigers in the 20th century are generally extinct, like a number of other animals). White lions do not refer to a separate relationship, their unusual color is associated with genetic disease – leucism. It causes a brighter wool color. In essence, leakicism is opposite to melanismu, with whom the appearance of black panther. At the same time, white lions are not albinos, because they normally pigmented eyes and skin (more about him and about albinism among animals – in our material). In general, confirmation of the real existence of white lions appeared only at the end of the last century. For centuries, they were considered legends of South Africa. Only in 1975 in the Timbavati Reserve found real young white lion.

Finds of the week 81

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