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Hand agility – and no fraud! So prepare Puri, traditional Indian pellets. They have a tight and tight dough, so as they are roasted in hot oil, pellets are inflated, filling with hot steam, and turn into such kolobkov. And eat Hot Puri with Chicken Satei, a popular Malaysian dish.

Good old times

From this selection of perfectly renovated photos of the 1890-1950s, you can find out how people lived in the USA, Canada and Europe at that time. For example, consider how public pools looked in 1915, or see the front-line photo of the sample of 1899.

Octopus player

This little octopus, which divers filled with diving on the island of Crete. The underwater resident was obviously not afraid of people, but, on the contrary, it sought them to play!

All in fire

Such an unusual, "Fire" way of haircuts is popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Customer’s hair covers a special chemical composition, and then ignite. The flame burns for about 10 seconds, during the haircut, the procedure is repeated twice. Hairdressers argue that fire improves the hair structure.

Also "My Planet" wrote about unusual African hairstyles.

The Wax Museum

Many tourists who come to Japan are surprised to show in the windows of restaurants of plates with food, which looks like the exact one as a real. Thus, you can choose a dish for lunch, not even knowing. But many torments the question: is it true? And if so, why not spoil?

Finds of the week 80

In fact, these doubts make from wax. And how exactly – you can see in this video. Look also a video about other Japanese quarrels.

Left with a nose

Figures that were decorated with a sailing vessel’s nose, in ancient Rome called Rostrrats. Then they began to call them less harmful -. Tradition to decorate the nose of the ship originated in the ancient Egyptian times, but the special luxury these images reached the XVI century. Interestingly, when the service life ended, the figure was filmed and decorated with it the walls of buildings, columns or host house or captain.

Previously, "my planet" talked about the stories of the dead ships.

Why are you so strange see?

And you knew that goats and sheep rectangular pupils? In the daytime, they have a narrow slot, and in the dark expand, turning into rectangles or even squares. This allows animals to see around themselves as widely as possible panoramic picture. Read more about this in the material "My Planet".

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