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Love for winter fun was not alien to people at all times. Here, for example, the retrofoto, which is captured, as at the end of the XIX century, a man sculpts a snowman in the form of Queen Victoria. Laugh hope that Victoria is not offended by this gesture! By the way, you knew that with negative temperatures, small snowy compositions can be maintained almost forever, and such voluminous sculptures on the street calmly live for 2-3 months? If such a queen weighing from 100 kg and more add to the room, then at room temperature it will retain its beauty from 7 to 12 hours! Read also about the history of the appearance of your beloved winter projectile – skates.

It’s all about magic bubbles

Admire what an amazing lake is in Canada! It is called Lake Eibraham and is famous for the fact that in the thicker of its frozen water in winter, an unusual drawing occurs – many bubbles. In fact, it is an artificial reservoir, which was created in the 70s of the last century, while they built a dam in Albert Province. Bubbles that are formed in the lake is methane. His, according to scientists, produce plants at the bottom of the reservoir. At the same time, if you make a hole and a hole in the lake in the ice, get a small explosion and gas will even burn a few seconds (see how methane is burning on Alaska lakes).

Fish day

Kate Jenkins designer wonderful crochet. Her last passion – knit. seafood. You just admire what delightful sardines, octopuses and shrimps do it, they want to taste! "I have always knit since my grandmother and grandmother teach me in my childhood," says Jenkins, "and in the end this occupation turned into my profession. And for a long time I attracted a fish. I spent years to make her look as realistic as possible – with all its mustache and scales ". By the way, Kate is not going to stop at what has been achieved – in May she will present a new project dedicated to knitted baking in Barcelona.

Dance, while young, ostrich

Finds of the week 8

These are the extravagant marriage dancing dancing ostriches for species female! I wonder what to see it can not only, actually, females of ostriches, but also ordinary human women. First, the male goes down to his knees, which at the same time be fused in the opposite direction, then paint the feathers and actively shakes. Then he begins to swing in different directions and nod. Each ostrich contributes to the dance something else and can thus demonstrate its abilities at once a few females at the same time. If at the same time he sees interest from one of them during a particular movement, he begins to repeat it until the full victory. In general, ostriches – real kings of the dance floor! By the way, you knew that in the history of mankind there was a whole ostrich war?

Scary fairy tales

In the XIX century, many children did not have lifetime pictures, because a small child was difficult to sit down smoothly and convince not twitch until the imperfect camera finally takes a picture. And excerpts in those times were very long. Therefore, photographers used a curious trick (or special fixture!). They put the baby’s mother’s chair, thoroughly draped her, closing her face, legs and hands, as if she was a piece of furniture or ideally even background. The child was placed on her knees so that he would lie quietly for some time. As a result, everything looked like that in the photo, except for children, there is no one (or they captured a black shapeless monster!) Read more about what is happening on vintage and strange (for us with you) photo.

Finds of the week 8

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