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Suddenly you have a free $ 200 and you always dreamed of spending the night. inside potato? Then the modest The Big Idaho Potato Hotel – for you. In fact, it is, of course, no potato, but a six-path design of steel, plaster and concrete, inside which are placed rather original interiors. With a well-known imagination, you can, for example, to imagine that you are in the rocky hotel somewhere in Cappadocia. Or visiting Tunisian troglodytes. The creator of the potato hotel built it himself, using the methods of saving space, which can be found in many small houses. So on the square of 100 m² there is a bedroom, and a living room, and a bathroom. Even a fireplace placed. But no windows. Fresh air supply air conditioners. Excellent vacation option for introverts – without internet and television. Around – only the expanses of Idaho. Read also about the most unusual services in hotels and the most strange requests of guests.

Rhino from test tubes

This dying souloroge was born a few days ago in the Miami Zoo. The baby belongs to the rare species of Indian rhinos, which remained very small – about 3000 on the entire planet, and those in the territories of natural reserves. And they are quite difficult to multiply in captivity, so that his mother, 7-year-old acuts, artificial fertilization was carried out. And this is the first case among this species. And we also told about the first person born after the procedure of Eco, and other legendary children.

By the way, Indian rhino is the largest of the view, in Asia he is the second animal after an elephant. "Apartment" He needs a large, approximately 4 km². On the "kitchen" – thick thickets of ivory grass, and in the "bedroom-living room" – a puddle, lake or a large reservoir coast. Rhinos – loners, but normally belong to the neighbors. So, the herons and other birds are often sitting on the backs of these owners of the swamps and opened out of thick insect skin.

Finds of the week 79

People dungeon

On this photo of 1900, Belgian miners are captured after a hard day to slaughter. Indeed, not the most comfortable vehicle. But as describes your impressions of the descent in the dungeon Great Vincent Van Gogh. In 1879, he visited Marcasse Borinage mine in Vallonia: ". Imagine a number of cells in a rather narrow and low passage supported by rude wooden stalks. Each of them has a worker in a rough linen suit, dirty like a pipe. Coal dust around with difficulty scatters a small dull lamp. In some cameras work standing, in others – forced to lie. It looks like a hives, or a number of small weaving machines, or peasant furnaces. Or maybe this is a prison or crystabys?"" In the villages upstairs, "Vincent notes further," there is something abandoned, because life goes underground ". Then, at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, mining and heavy industries, based on the corner, were the main part of the Belgian economy. The labor of miners was dangerous, but paid well. In 1992, the last coal mine was closed in Belgium. Now many of them turned into museums. About unusual museums we wrote here. Try also to pass our tests about professions, separating real facts from the fiction and learning a new one about well-known specialties.

Finds of the week 79

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