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Have you ever thought about what bird ears look like? Very unusual! This video was removed by a volunteer Olli Bakeard. When she gently strokes the crows and slightly lifts her feathers, on the head of the bird you can see the auditory hole. At the same time, the crows ears are not bent into a spiral, like a person, and have a straight form. Pernaya are known for their good hearing, as well as the ability to recognize very accurately, which side goes. The fact is that to determine the source of sound waves of birds use the entire skull entirely. By the way, scientists found out that birds watching the birds.

Main on plates

Alpine Hotel "Plate" on Dombaya, located on the slope of Moussa-Achitara Mountain, was opened in 1979. It accommodates only eight people and has a diameter of 8 m and a height of 4 m. Hotel Domnaya presented Finnish President of Urho Kekkonen – he visited the Caucasus in the summer of 1969. At that time, all of humanity was delirous by space. It is curious that the hotel is still functioning – you can book a room in it and feel briefly by the alien with distant planets. Previously, "My Planet" talked about other unusual hotels.

Mad carps

Koi carps are the cultural version of the usual carp. They are notable for their beautiful color, which turned out as a result of selection. In total, there are over 20 different types of koi. These fish can have a different color: white, blue, black, red, yellow and cream. In length they reach a meter. The Japanese believe that koi symbolize good luck, prosperity, successful career, wealth and love. At the same time, each view is associated only with one of these values. Koi learn the owner who feeds them, and even can eat from his hands.

Who mummy?

What was not sold on the streets in 1965! In Egypt, for example, traded. mumia. Up to the new time, in almost any pharmaceutical shop, Europe could buy a powder made of them. It was believed that this medicine helps almost from all diseases. It cost it quite expensive, so enterprising Arab and Jewish traders robbed Egypt tomb. Back in 1912, the Pharmaceutical Company "Merk" offered "real Egyptian mummies" in its catalog. About other strange drugs and medical procedures that were in the past in the past, as well as the fact that they still did alive with the dead, you can find out in the materials of My Planet.

With concern for future moms

In the South Korean city of Busan, the new system was tested, which will allow pregnant women more comfortably ride in the subway. Part of the wagons equipped with special indicators, and the ladies were given Bluetooth keychains. When a woman with such a keychain enters the car and comes up to the indicator, it lights up with pink light and signals other passengers that you need to give way. The system was put into effect after a successful five-day experiment, in which 500 women took part.

A drop in the sea

Finds of the week 78

In a drop of ordinary water, enlarged only 25 times, you can see the whole world. Here and diatoms algae, bacteria, and worms, and crab larvae, and caviar fish. Curved spirals – representatives of cyanobacteria, it is them that we are obliged to feed the atmosphere with oxygen. Square unicellular organisms are diatoms of algae. They remove silicon from sea water, and when they die, then we settle on the bottom and when they are stuck to form sea sand. Autumn Picture Call David Littshwager. In order to make this photo, he tried many options. The most successful turned out to drop water into a Petri dish standing on a white paper sheet. Look also at the photo project "My Planet" about what the simplest microscope looks.

Beautiful Gorgippia

Modern Anapa In the time of ancient Romans, Gorgippia was called. The three-dimensional reconstruction of this city can be seen on the video. Greek geographer Strabo called Gorgippia "Tsarist capital", probably, bearing in mind that there was one of the residences of the king of the Bosporian kingdom of Aspurg, the Rodonarchist of the Sarmatian dynasty. When excavations on the territory of Anapa, many burned clay bricks were found with the print sign of the Bosporus. Apparently, a large batch of building material was released in Gorgippia for the construction of some important public buildings in the city and the surrounding area.

Balcony Bacon

A strange Chinese living in one of the apartment buildings in Wuhan (Hubei Province, China), burned out from the outside world with bacon. He burst sliced ​​pork three balconies. Chinese bloggers decided that the inhabitant of the apartment did this due to the unfavorable environmental situation. But why did he really do this, it is not known for certain. Previously, "My Planet" wrote about other Chinese oddities.

Finds of the week 78

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