Finds of the week

Ships descend from stocks under the influence of gravity. The main thing is to choose the right place to view. A lot of splashes and a little heart.

Augmented reality

Five minutes of fantasy art. Modern Boston and his fictional extension performed by writer, photographer and artist Melissa Volker. The author allowed himself to dream, whatever the reality could be, if we consider the layers of our visible world from it.

Tea Road

How tea from China fell into a particular country, you can trace the name that has taken place in the language. In Primorsky Fujian, "Te" said, and in the "Mandarin" China – "CHA", respectively, when delivering the sea, the drink was called "TEA", and who arrived by the land – "Chai".

Funny batoneno

Someone has cats, and here – armor. Well, such?


Finds of the week 77

Photographer Dario Mitidieri in 1991 removed the Ethiopian boy near the demolished monument to Lenin.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Ilyichyeps up to the world around the world. Some overthrow with particular cruelty. So, at the pedestrine of the former monument, Lenin in Bucharest was placed various installations, including this – remake hydra.

However, not Lenin, as they say, – Traces of our culture in the world can be found everywhere, we even wrote about them a separate article.

Business idea note

An excellent way to decorate an old nine-story building, which goes out by balconies on a pedestrian street, invented in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City. The building was redone to the tea and coffee Mecca Coffee Stories. Each individual apartment is now an independent tea or coffee room.

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