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The world’s first Santa Claus school opened in the town of Albion (New York, USA) on September 27, 1937. Founder of the educational institution Charles Howard began playing Santo from the fourth grade and eventually became one of the most recognizable fabulous bearded in the country. In 1937, he opened up a school to convey other work experience, as well as to gain assistants – one he no longer cope with the shaft of orders.

School existed long. In November 1961, the photographer of the legendary magazine Life Alfred Eisenstadt visited Albion and made a photo report about how to become Santa Claus. One of the frames you can see above. It is captured as future American sheds of frosts taught the art of applying makeup and sticking beard. In addition, men during the week were to attend the lessons of dancing and singing, learn to squint and say "ho-ho-ho!"So that the children rejoiced, and not afraid. Also, students taught the history of the image of Santa Claus and forced to learn the names of his elves and deer. By the way, all deers of Santa – females, because the males in December there are no horns. Earlier, "my planet" talked about where grandfathers lives, and placed material about New Year’s traditions of different countries.

How the Break is born

Finds of the week 73

The method of which appear on the light of boua beats is called live birth. It is characterized by the fact that the female does not postpone the caviar or eggs, but drives them inside. Therefore, the cubs leave the shell of the eggs still in the body of the mother and only after that are born. The main difference between the ovino animals from placental in the fact that the first mainly feed on the substances contained in the yolk eggs and their metabolism is separated from the maternal organism.

Boa Boa – a very large snake, it grows throughout life. At birth, the body length boa is only about 60 cm, and it can grow up to 3-4 m. At the same time weighs the boa over 45 kg. Snake’s body can have brown, red, yellow, pink or green and covered with patterns. Most of the life of the boil spends in dense trees. This is mainly a land animal, but in fact, the blows are excellent swimmers. The breeding season in Boa lasts from April to August. The female can simultaneously give birth to 60 young, which from the very birth provided themselves. "My Planet" placed material about why the snakes are long torso.

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