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Have you ever wondered if there are cows swim? Answer: Yes. However, their legs are thin compared to a large body, so they can swam the river, but quickly get tired if you need to overcome a long distance. However, it does not prevent some cows to enjoy water treatments, in which you can make sure this video.

Admire also on how the owl bravo swims by Brass.

When even garbage trucks

Pink-blue and unicorn? This is quite ordinary garbage truck, which can be found on the roads of Tokyo or another Japanese city. Such machines often lose the marches loudly or some simple, repeating melody to give people to know what they go.

By the way, in Japan, the garbage is sorted by 12 categories: newspapers, cardboard, cardboard packaging from milk, books and magazines, other paper garbage, rags, bottles, plastic bottles, other plastic. And all that does not fall into these categories are divided into what can be burned and what is not lit.

Planned pig

The battle of two guinea pigs for food looks scolding, and the loser animal is very sorry. Meanwhile, the ancient ancestors of the guinea pigs weighed to 700 kg and were the size of a bull. Tamed these rodents inks, who considered them a source of valuable and nutrient meat. Meals from guinea pigs are still served in Ecuador and Peru restaurants.

Session of simultaneous Mushtra

So take exams for admission to the school of fine arts in China. In these trials, 5,000 people took part at the same time, in total they drew 15,000 works. After that, the pictures were laid out on a huge space so that teachers could appreciate them.

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Rails, sleepers, sleepers

These rare archival frames taken from 1897 to 1906, allow you to find out how the American railways looked at the time.

Finds of the week 72

By the way, the US railway history began in 1815, when Colonel John Stevens received the right to build railways in New Jersey. In 1826, Stevens constructed and conducted tests of steam locomotive "Steam Wagon", which was called a "steam horse with a wagon". The first passenger trains began to run in the States in 1830.

Earlier, "my planet" talked about the longest routes on trains.

Weapon against Schalza

In ancient Rome, it was believed that some people possess a bad eye and can harm others. One of the most powerful protective equipment against this was considered images of phallus. They were called fascinum and cut out over door openings, as well as brought themselves in the floors and walls. It was believed that the images of the membe bring good luck, so ancient people often worn with themselves special amulets in the form of a phallus with the wings to which the bells were attached.

Pass the test "My Planet" and find out if you understand the superstitions of the peoples of the world.

If Dronou is lucky

For such a frame with a humpback whale, many photographers and operators would give hand, but this shot did Dron, flying over the water. By the way, Gorbachi got their name or because of their dorsal fin, which the shape resembles a hump, or because of his habit, heavily bending the back when swimming. Currently in the world there are from 30 to 60,000 female humpbacks, these animals are listed in the Red Book.

Finds of the week 72

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