Finds of the week

Director and photographer Alex Solovyov created an amazing short film about the underwater world. In it, the ocean inhabitants appear with something magical and unreal, although in fact it is still our planet. Interestingly, visual special effects were not used on the roller. To create the desired mood, only light refracted through the lens.

Memory of the past

When restored under one of the halls of the passage on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, engineers discovered a cache. 22 glass negatives were stored there with portraits of residents of St. Petersburg. Historians believe that the pictures were made in 1919-1921. "This year the passage marks 170 years. For the anniversary, we planned repair and restoration work to adapt it to modern conditions, "said Dmitry Abramov, director of the trading house. – In the most active phase of work in the floors, which are located next to one of the halls on the third floor, our engineer discovered 22 glass negativity. He cleared them and realized that they were more than 100 years old. ". In the hall, where the cache was discovered, the Atelier Charles Bulla was previously located, and later – Alexander Otsupa’s photographer. Probably the last and made negatives. They are captured by absolutely different people who for some reason came to photograph. You can judge them only in terms of costumes. And they can tell a lot! Comments Olga Khoroshilova, art historian, fashion historian and life.

It’s time to flowering

Instagram-blogger EchinopsisFreak Wrapped with blooming cacti. He shoots them on the camera and makes stunning timelaps video. In total, the blogger has about one hundred such plants. "My passion for cactus gradually turned into obsession to imprint their beauty," he says. – Echinopsi bloom only day, and flowering peak lasts only an hour or two. I felt that I had to cover their short existence, and began to take pictures in order to preserve the memories of their magnificence in such a way.

On the roofs of Hong Kong

French photographer Roman Jacques-Lagreza visited Hong Kong and brought from there a series of curious photos. The pictures captured the daily life of the Asian metropolis, but with an extremely unusual perspective – from the roofs. At the same time, all photos are not staged and were made only due to the phenomenal luck of the hot-lag. From workers setting bamboo structures for the restoration of the building, and to a person growing on the roof of the Bonsai House – what will not be found on the roofs of Hong Kong!

Epic bogatyr

Finds of the week 71

Powerlifer Dmitry Khalaji from Ukraine is considered one of the strongest people in the world. He installed 64 world records, three of which were in the Guinness Book of Records. On this video, you can observe how harbor carries on your own shoulders. horse. In this case, we are talking about quite an adult and a healthy animal (a home horse weighs from 380 to 1000 kg!), which so that it does not jerk, temporarily strish. However, at the end of the roller, it can be seen that, as soon as the horse is tired of helplessly hang in the air, he began to jumped and both – and the boys, and the horse fell into the grass.

In one of the US kindergartens in 1949, children were asked on the Father’s Day (he is celebrated in the third Sunday of June) to draw portraits of his dads on memory, and then compared them with the originals. It turned out incredibly touching pictures. On the day of the Father, Americans are accepted to visit parents, give dads souvenirs and postcards, as well as gathering the whole family for a festive dinner. On this day, the live fathers give red roses, and white put on the graves of the parents already.

The idea of ​​creating a holiday came from Spokane (Washington state). Invented his woman named Sonor Smart. After the death of her mother and five more children raised his father William Jackson Smart. In memory of him and as a date of respect, all other Sonor’s fathers turned to local authorities with a proposal to establish a new holiday. She was supported and were going to arrange an event on June 5 – just on the birthday of William Smart, but in the end it had to be transferred to June 19, as it was not enough for training. About other "Male Holidays" Read in the material "My Planet".

dance with Me

An intimidating dance of skunk was hit on the record cameras of the video surveillance on the front paws. Perhaps on animals it acts scaretime, but for people it looks dead ridiculous. The video was shot at Sagauro National Park in Arizona (USA). By the way, when Skuns rises on the front paws and raises the tail up, he warns the enemy about the coming attack. Next, it should be released into the enemy of the fetzonic fluid. Sometimes the substance is sprayed, and sometimes produced in the form of a jet. Skunses keep about 15 g of her "smelling weapons". This number is enough for five shots, and then there must be a week for another week to work out a new supply of liquid.

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