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This mantis, sharpened in the servant of amber, – 30 million years! It has been preserved ideal for his revered age. This artifact was sold in 2016 with auction Heritage Auctions for $ 6,000. Amber was found in Dominican Republic and is a petrified resin of the extinct type of wide-sized tropical trees Hymenaea Protera. The subject is dated to the Oligocene epoch, which began 33.9 million years ago and ended 23.03 million years ago.

There are about 2400 species of the Bogomol in the world, most of them live in a tropical climate. However, the earliest of the minks found by archaeologists found by archaeologists (their age is about 135 million years) was not found at all in the area of ​​the equator, but much north, in Siberia. Evolution presented insect rather original way to extend the life of the species. Read more in our article "Murderous love". And the mantis can be kicked!

Optical illusion

In this funny video, you can watch the unlucky tiger (formerly "my planet" published a whole photo project about them) tried to catch the duck. However, on this day, the predator was not lucky – the bird rang it, diving into the water (and they know how to dive very deeply – up to 5-6 m). Tiger was surprised at the sudden disappearance of mining and sailed, and the duck, waiting for this moment, went on his affairs. By the way, there are about 110 species of these birds in the world. And all ducklings really take the first creature for the mother, which see, hatching out of the egg. Curious, but only female ducks can crack, the spleen of this ability is deprived of. At the same time, the ducks do not have echo!

Kidai Cherchey

Here’s what the launch of the fireworks, which filmed on long exposure. Impressive spectacle, is not true? The first fireworks were invented in the XII century in China. Supervice Chinese threw a piece of green bamboo into the fire, which exploded when they fell into the fire. Thus, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom scared the evil spirits during all holidays until the powder was invented (learn more about superstitions common in China and other countries of the world, reading the material "My Planet"). Then, the Taoist scientists were mixed with charcoal, sulfur and Selitra and received a powder that was slow, but bright and stable. Subsequently, the launch of fireworks declared a part of the religious ceremony and even introduced a state monopoly on them. Used gunpowders had the right only specially trained monks. They were the first pyrotechnics. And nowadays, experts make a variety of fireworks – for example, in the form of a fiery wheel!

Attack Kraken

Finds of the week 70

Admire how professional chocolate Amori Gishon and Christophe Morrel turn 63.5 kg of milk chocolate into a statue of mythical Kraken, an attacker ship. Such beauty and then sorry! Generally, Gishon and Morel – one of the most famous modern confectioners. Gishon lives in Las Vegas and what only did not create from chocolate. For example, gramophone or flowering tree Sakura in full size. Christophe Morel from Montreal is not lagging behind his colleague: he opened his first chocolate store in 2005 and since then has won many prizes and awards at international competitions. And before, the monsters were portrayed on the maps – the Middle Ages seafarers were waiting for unknown land and danger in marine patches, which on paper often took the appearance of the same Krakenov, mermaids and the like – see our photo project about marine monsters on world maps.

Pure gold

Photographer Sean Scott with drone filmed rivers in northwestern Australia. The result is striking – water seems to be solid flow of gold! If you do not know that this is exactly the river, you might think that a sheet of tropical plants is captured in marching. The landscape is removed from the height of 120 m: in the Australian laws to raise civil drones above is prohibited.

By the way, about gold. In Australia, any person who received the relevant license can produce it. Each of the country has its own license type. Somewhere it is issued for one year, somewhere – two, and somewhere – in general for life. To get it can anyone who is legally in the country legally, including tourists. At the same time, all the gold you dressed in the river will belong to you. Only in the state of the new South Wales acts an old limitation: you can pick up no more than 30 g of gold in two days. And although the streams of streams and rivers are already completely rearranged by the prospectors of the past, there are still people who do the search for gold to their profession. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the our version of the Golden Fever.

Finds of the week 70

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