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Admire how in England in 1900 the Thames were preparing for rowing competitions. Generally, to Swans in the UK Special attitude. They are considered royal birds: from the 15th century, only a few, in addition to members of the monarch of the name, can own them: Aristocratic Ilchester Dynasty and two livray companies in London City – Dryers and Wine-made Vinters. Every year on the third week of July, the process of counting swans is held at the Thames. It begins in Sanbury, Surrey county, and ends in Abingdon, Oxfordshire county. For five days, the correspondence team rises along the river up almost 130 km, meeting along the way dozens of bird families. About other unusual habits of foggy albion. See also a photo project about clikun swans.

Increased jumping

Finds of the week 7

Probably almost every girl in school jumped with a skipper. However, some have built the usual entertainment in the rank of this art – as, for example, Adrien Banheedia from Hungary. She has been engaged in this sport for more than 15 years, put two global records and won in countless competitions and competitions, including European and world championships. Adrien is considered the best jump with a rope in the world and performs in Cirque du Soleil. She is the only man on the planet who can scroll through the rope three times (!). Amazing skill! "My Planet" also wrote about games in which people play worldwide.

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