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No, this is not a modern Pinap photo session. So in Brooklyn (USA) in 1940, a new school dress code with trousers for girls was tested. As a result, wearing this object of clothing was prohibited. Such here discrimination! By the way, earlier "my planet" talked about the countries in which the man is better to be born today.

As for trousers, it started everything much earlier. The culprits of the trendy revolution at the end of the XIX century were young ladies who were fond of riding on bicycles. At first girls dressed for trips to traditional walking outfits: long skirt, jacket, two-breasted bodice, gloves, hat. It was beautiful, but uncomfortable. Ladies with envy looked at men. And in 1891, the Englishwoman Mrs. Bloomer first appeared on the public dressed in the so-called rational cycling suit, including pants-sharovar. The novelty made a lot of noise and caused a rapid debate, but from now on in America and Europe we carry the trousers in fashion.

What is octopus

Finds of the week 69

Look at how this octopus flickes! What do you think why he does it? This, along with the emission of ink, is the manifestation of protective behavior, the so-called imitation of a predatory animal. Thus, the creature, devoid of strong protective qualities (for example, it is not a Pangoline, which can curl into the ball and no one will reach him), trying to scare enemies. In this case, the octopus tries to remove the operator. When the octopus got courage and ready for a fight, he changes color.

Among other representatives of the kingdom of animals, such a behavior is found in insects – for example, some butterflies that have on the wings of stains, imitating the eyes of owls. A number of spiders when approaching the danger begin to quickly vibrate to scare up a predator (for example, a voracious hedgehog). And the stickies that are well masked well, prefer to use the effect of surprises: they swing their wings as wide as possible and, as long as the predator tries to figure out what’s the matter, they run quickly.

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