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Here’s what the process of putting on ballroom dresses looked in the 1850-1860s. It was practically impossible to get into the outfit with Krinolin on its own, so the maid helped every girl. Krinolin himself came up with the French designer of English origin Charles Frederick Vort. Once, they and his wife sold a couple of these dresses to the wife of the Austrian Ambassador Paulina Background of Mettern. TU in an unusual dress saw Empress Evgenia and immediately ordered several similar specimens. After that, Krnolin quickly entered the fashion.

Krnolin could reach a diameter of 180 cm, so lovers constantly had problems with overcoming doorways. There were more dramatic cases when Krnolin became literally dangerous for life: several girls died due to the fact that they were tanned with dresses, and they did not notice this in time. However, the situation is known when Krnoline, on the contrary, saved. In 1885, Sarah Ann Henley quarreled with her lover and jumped from Clifton bridge in Bristol (United Kingdom). She survived after falling from a height of 75 m, as Krinoline slowed down, playing the role of parachute. Previously, "my planet" talked about what other victims of the Women of the past went to look beautiful and fashionable.

What a fall!

Admire the breathtaking flight in Vingtica straight from the Kilimanjaro volcano. Descent was made February 10, 2015. Kilimanjaro is the highest of africa africa. It is located in the north-east of Tanzania, its height is 5895 m above sea level. The name of the volcano, presumably, means "a mountain that sparkles". The fact is that the top of the mountain is covered with a hat with a non-dark snow that directly sparkles under the scorching African Sun. Tribes that lived around the volcano in ancient times, did not know anything about snow and believed that the top of Kilimanjaro was covered with silver. Now the top of the mountain is often visited by climbers, the young of the young girl turned out to be a seven-year-old girl.

The oldest hotel

On this photo depicted the oldest hotel in the world. It is called "Nishiam Onsen Cayunkan", is located in the Japanese village of Hayakawa and has been functions for 1313 years! All these years, the hotel owns the same family – 52 generations! It is curious that for the 13th centuries the hotel closed for repairs only a few times, the last of them was in 1998. The hotel has 35 rooms weathered in traditional Japanese-style, in which there is fundamentally no television or internet. According to the owners, nothing should distract guests from relaxation and peace of mind. Previously, "My Planet" talked about strange and ridiculous situations in hotels.

Finds of the week 68

Here are my four paws

Small portion of milot. What could be better touching fluffy kitten (maybe only young meerkats)? By the way, have you ever wondered why kittens seem to us? Journalists Guardian wondered by this question and, having studied several extensive research on this topic, found out: the whole thing in instincts. Zoologists argue that people have a built-in mechanism that causes them to experience a moutigation at the sight of babies. Accordingly, for the same reasons we like and kittens. Read also about why mom-cat units mustache with his young.

The fattest kosolapoy

In the National Park of Katmy (Alaska, USA) for three years in a row spend a competition for the very thick bear. Organized competition as follows. Two pictures of the animal are present to the court of viewers: to a weight gain (at the beginning of summer) and after – in October. Users must choose among the chosen chubby. The winner is determined by the number of likes near photos. This year, 13 bears fought for the title, and in the end two leaders were revealed: the nickname named Biodion and the Unnamed Bear at number 747. After a persistent struggle with the result of 7,000 likes, biodeub won. Admire what kind of touching bbw! And she needs all this to experience the winter safely. About how the bears fall into the hibernation we wrote. Look also at the photo project "My Planet" about the remedy animals.

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