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And you knew with what goals in the USSR were preserved? It was intended for the use of sea ships and in lifeboats. If suddenly the sailors had to leave the ship and a few days to drift into the sea, such canned food could save them! After all, salty water to drink in no case. The liquid before canning was specially prepared, boiled and added some ascorbic acid. The stock was usually designed for three days, 0.5 liters per person. She was stored for quite a long time. It seems to be such an absurd thing, but in fact – the vital necessity. Earlier, "my planet" published an essay on survival in the ocean, and also told the stories of people who remained in extreme situations.

What you dream?

Adjust how this home fox is funny and even dies in a dream! She is exactly the dream! By the way, as statistics, snoring – a very common phenomenon among animals. The leading positions occupy dogs and cats: snore 21% and 7% of them, respectively. Cats most often this is associated with narrow nasal strokes. And in dogs a tendency to snore depends on age and rock. Everyone knows that short-butted dogs like pugs, Pekingese and bulldogs are often loud snot in a dream. But dogs with an average nose size – rottweilers or German shepherds – often begin to snore only for old age.

It is curious that there are cases of snoring among hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, horses and even elephants! At the same time, the snoring of mice-pools for the sound is very similar to the human. Read the material "My Planet" about how animals sleep.

Hello from the past

During a walk through the flea market (previously "My Planet" published a large material about them) it is easy to feel like an archaeologist on excavations. And sometimes you can find something really valuable! So happened with 70-year-old Greg Pac from Essex (England). He was looking for an old clock on the market, but stumbled upon a heavy semi-dust box. The Englishman acquired it as much as £ 4 (approximately 350 rubles.). Inside the glass negatives of about 100 years! The find is very interested in Greg – he worked for many years in the printed industry, so I immediately realized that objects were in very good condition. Son of Pack, Scott Patrick, took advantage of Magic photoshop to turn negatives in positive and return the familiar views. And that’s what he did.

Saga about Knight

This video dispels a number of myths about how medieval knights moved, cracked in a heavy plastic armor. Many are confident that the fighter in such an outfit is completely bad. There is even stories that knights allegedly planted horses with lifting cranes. Of course, these bikes do not correspond to reality and are the fantasy of the artists of the XIX century. In fact, the knights in armor could not only run and get up after the fall, but also to tumble. It is easy to make sure that I looked at the video (and also proved Swiss scientists). Moreover, the reconstruction in the armor performs many modern power exercises: push-ups, jumping jack – and even makes the wheel! But how knights in uniform went to the toilet – the question. The answer is in the material "My Planet". You can also familiarize yourself with the instructions, how to earn, going to the crusade.

Coffee above the clouds

Love beautiful landscapes? Remember: Resort Tomama (Hokkaido Island, Japan), Ukay Terrace. Here, anyone can drink coffee overlooking the fluffy sea of ​​clouds right under it. This natural phenomenon attracts for many years to tourists. It is formed due to unique conditions: hot natural sources are located in the area, and the temperature changes greatly for those several hours when the night turns into a day. As a result, an impeccable white blanket from the clouds occurs over a mountain area. In order to see it, you need to climb on the terrace of Ukay at the earliest hour. However, this does not guarantee success – such clouds can be observed only in 40% of cases. Earlier, "my planet" published an article about three views of our women to Japan.

Finds of the week 67

Do not snooze

Homemade mouse, yawning in slow motion, is not a spectacle for faint of heart! However, the mice in any case were and remain very touching homemade pets (and they sing no worse than birds!). In captivity, they are able to live in five to ten times longer than in nature – there are numerous predators there – they are protected in a person’s dwelling (unless they are eating a shopping cat!).

There are many types of mice. The most tiny of them are mouse-baby (find out about other little animals from the material "My Planet"). Newborn cubs of this species weighs less than 1 g. It is curious that the fruits and sugar mice usually love even more than cheese. And strongly smelling cheeses them (contrary to famous cartoons) do not taste at all. By the way, in some countries, Africa and Asia mice are considered a delicacy! Earlier, "my planet" talked about other manifestations of culinary extreme.

Pocket car

In this picture, made in London in 1962, captured the world’s smallest car PEEL P50. The three-wheeled machine contained one adult and bag. It was equipped with only one door and one pilot and to this day holds the record of the smallest serial car. Peel P500 was equipped with a handle that allowed it to manually shift it or insert it into the room. Trying such a trick could even a woman, because the weight of the car was only 59 kg. At the same time, the car was very economical and consumed only 2.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km run. "My Planet" previously placed an article about retro factors.

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