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In this video, you can see how a group of climbers conquers Everest. "My goal was to make a video that takes the audience to the top of the mountain, – says director Elia Saikali. – No music. No sound effects. No slow motion. All truly ". Saikali began to shoot adventure videos in 2005. He committed the first ascent to his teacher by Sean Egane, who tragically died on the mountain in April 2005. (About the "victims" of Everest and other dangerous and attractive places of the planet – in our material "at your own risk"). I must say, at that time Elia did not have experience in climbing. Now behind his shoulders of 16 expeditions and many videos that received prizes of international competitions. Those who want to go on his footsteps may be useful to the climber tips prepared by "my planet". Nepalese sherpa told about the difficulties of climbing and secrets of their profession.

Almost both Stonehenge

This "upgraded" copy of Stonehenge is located in Nebraska (USA). It is noteworthy by what is not made of megalithic stones, but from old cars painted in gray. The monument was built by Jim Reinders to the Solstice of 1987. Carhenge, as the unusual design nicked, consists of 38 cars, placed in the form of a circle with a diameter of about 29 m. Piece of cars Vroat to the ground to a depth of 1.5 m, others are welded to them from above to get an improvised arch. At the same time, the sculpture copies the destroyed Stonehenge, and not his reconstructed version (about the last "my planet" told in the material about fake sights). Subsequently, other monuments made from cars began to appear next to the carchent, and now this place is called the auto art nature reserve.

From pupae to butterfly

The spectacle how the butterfly is born out of the pupa, fascinates, is not true? For the butterfly, this is a very painful process, however, cut the pupa to give an insect to get out, in no case can not. The fact is that, if you help, the butterfly will come out of the pupa prematurely and it will be weak and immature. As a result, the insect will not live and the clock pairs. Thanks to the hard struggle in the process of birth, the butterfly strengthens the muscles, becomes stronger and turns into an adult creature capable of flight. And in this photograph "My Planet" talked about how silk do.

Natural giants

This giant sequoia was fired in California in 1882. People on the background of drinking seem just dwarfs. Sequoia – amazing trees, one of the oldest, they appeared on Earth over 200 million years ago. Sequoia used to grow in the northern hemisphere, but today they can only be found in North America. They received their name in honor of the Indian leader from the tribe of the Cherokee. Sequoia are the highest plants in the world. The record holder even has its own name – hyperion, its height is over 115 m. Earlier, "my planet" talked about how they found the highest tropical tree in the world, which, however, is still below Hyperion. The list of miracles of nature does not exhaust this: so, on some trees almost ready-made products grow, and trees are called bread, candy, cucumber.

Run, lizard, run

Finds of the week 65

The sideline lizard refers to a unique view from the Agamov family. She got its name thanks to a large collar-shaped skin fold around the head, resembling an exotic "raincoat". Beautiful, but most importantly – practical: at the time of the danger of the lizard spreads his hood, and, due to the large number of blood vessels, penetrating fabrics, it becomes bright red or orange. Very scary! In addition, the fold acts as a thermostat, if necessary, the reptiles catches the sun’s rays. Also, males prudently reveal the raincoat to attract females in the marriage period. But the funniest ability of the disperse lizards is the ability to move on two legs: when saving, the flight of a lizard rises and runs on the hind legs using the tail to stabilize. Previously, "My Planet" placed a photo project about strange animals.

Racing Karapusov

In America, 1940-1950s were very popular "Racing of the Karapusov". There was even a major annual competition, known as Derby in diapers. It was conducted in one of the parks of New Jersey from 1946 to 1955. No special talents for participation in the race was required, parents simply laid out children dressed in diapers, at the starting gate, and then they joined the kids so that they crawled to the finish. To motivate "athletes", the finish line was drawn up as attractive as possible: the plush cubs, bunnies, dogs, and dolls. At the same time, the winner of the competition received a bond for $ 50 and a real crown. However, the losers did not leave without prizes: each child was given to the toy, to which he was so stubborn. By the way, about toys. Some scientists believe that the first toys gave rise to work. Others – that the work itself has become a form of a game for a primitive person. In our case, it seems, the first version is faithful. About the history of toys can be read here. And here – see how walked with children in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Life line

Dutch artist Nils Kise, also known as Salventius, draws spectacular portraits with the same single line. At the same time, the author not only creates paintings, but also makes sketches for tattoos. "I always liked experimenting with extended lines," says the artist. – This technique allows me to create spontaneous forms. In addition, for me it is always a competition with yourself, because I do not take a pen or a marker from the sheet until the work is completed. At this point, I finally can get acquainted with the face that I came up with, and the person who hides behind him. Earlier, "my planet" explained why it seems that a person in the portrait looks right at you, and also published material about the artist who combines portraits and geographic maps.

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