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It seems that you fell on the shooting of the film in the genre of steampunk? And so in reality, a diving costume of the design of Captain Enos of Petri and Joseph Martin, developed in 1902. Photo was made in the USA in 1907. Inside the costume – 17-year-old. E. Gaudi, who risked to perform volunteer. Before that, Gaudi had no diving experience. But there was a wife, who, as the newspapers, then wrote, he did not inform the upcoming event to not worry her. Fortunately, everything went well, and the young man put a dive record – 60 m. Suit weigon over 200 kg! Diver, put it, turned out to be completely closed with metal armor, but at the same time he could move freely shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees.

Interestingly, in the invention, Petri and Martin were particularly interested in treasures, dreamed of getting treasures from the dead ships. After successful immersion to Petri, two men from South America turned to the San Pedro de Alcantara ship, sunken in Venezuela near the city of Kuman in 1815. It was believed that on board were $ 300,000. Another treasure hunter declared that there was a pearl production concern in Australia. Captain Petri himself wanted to try good luck, raising sunken gold from the bottom of the Great Lakes in North America. If at least one of these adventures has been successful – unknown. Previously, "My Planet" told about the Museum in Mexico, where to go in a diving suit.

Through smoke and flames

Finds of the week 64

Passenger Motobike filmed a frightening eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. This stratovang is considered one of the most active in the country, the last eruption occurred in early June of the current year. Fortunately, usually everything costs without destruction, although the Terrible name seemingly should talk about the opposite (Fuego in Spanish denotes "Fire").

Stratovolkan is located in the western part of Guatemala. Its height above sea level is 3763 m. One of the first on Fueto climbed in 1881, the French writer Euroenio Dussesse. Together with his companion, researcher Tadeo trabanino, they wanted to go to the central peak. However, after they failed to find a guide, they had to rise to an active cone, which before that everacted only a year ago, in 1880. See also the material "My Planet" with a selection of photographs of spewing volcanoes.

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