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Everyone knows that chameleons are capable of changing the color (here as biophysics explain why this happens). But far from everyone knows that these lizards also manage their eyes separately. The movement of the chameleon’s eye is completely independent of each other – they are able to turn them 180 ° in the horizontal plane and 90 ° in the vertical. Animals can track two different goals at the same time. At the same time, the chameleons are the most committed among the lizards of the visual focus – they incredibly accurately determine the distance to the surrounding objects and the items are as well as the items at a very close distance.

Reading lovers

This photo was made in London in the 1930s. One girl holds a bunk bookshelf on his shoulders, forced volumes, and the other shot a book from the shelf and looks at her. Such constructions in England of those times called "walking libraries". People moved from home to the house, offering those who wish to take a book for a week for just 2 Pens (by the way, recently in the UK the book was returned to the library late in 120 years!). Earlier, "my planet" talked about the most beautiful libraries of the world.

Bear in the north

The author of this amazing video – photographer Maxim Deminov, who professionally removes bears on Chukotka. He filmed a predator literally from the distance of an elongated hand, and, fortunately, the photographer’s bear did not eat. Moreover, he managed to get hissy. It turns out that bears are really afraid of these sounds. However, the polar bear was and remains extremely dangerous animals. He lives in the Arctic, is the world’s largest land predator and can reach lengths of 3 m and weight up to 700 kg. Scientists believe that white bears occurred in the course of evolution from the population of brown bears approximately 5 million times. At the same time, they still can multiply with their brilliance and produce a white bear and grizzly hybrids.

Fur of these animals, although it seems white, in fact, is a transparent hollow tube, so that their wool reflects the surrounding light. At the same time, the skin of bears is black, which helps them effectively retain heat.

Virtual restoration

Basilica Maxation, Italy

Lower terrace of the fortress Masada, Israel

The group of artists restored with the help of computer technologies a number of famous historical buildings that have not reached our days or preserved not very good. During the reconstruction, they were based on testimonies of contemporaries and historical documents. Thanks to their work, we can find out how the basilica looked in Rome, the ancient fortress of Masada in Israel or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the cities that were destroyed consciously.

Finds of the week 63

Shower wall

This is an extremely rare natural phenomenon called a rain bomb, or a microcquise. It is a strong downward movement of air from thunderstorm clouds at a speed of up to 35 m / s, which in a collision from the ground is divided into different directions. The rain bomb appears and passes very quickly, covering the area is not more than 4 km. Watch him best from afar, because microcquies are very destructive. They harm people, buildings and especially aircraft. There are nine confirmed cases of crashes of aircraft who fell into the center of the rain bomb and were thrown to the ground the strongest wind. Fortunately, permanent workouts and modern technologies today allow pilots to either avoid microchkvals, or, falling into them, to get out before it is too late. "My Planet" wrote about the geography of natural records – places with the most severe winds and thunderstorms in the world, as well as where the most sun and rains.

You can’t burn him

In one of the private zoos of Australia, Kangaroo hooligan, which even fear. His name is Monti, and he is only five years old. However, now it weighs almost 100 kg, and the growth is higher than any of the employees of Zoo. Kangaroo – the main thing in the herd and real alpha-male: he does not even give to his relatives even. And if they are still trying to come closer, ready to immediately ask them a stick! Monty – owner of impressive biceps. Such muscular kangaroo are sometimes found in wildlife, but extremely rare.

What progress reached

The Compressorhead’s German Music Group is notable because all its participants are robots. The video captured as unusual musicians performed by the composition Ace Of Spades British rock band Motorhead. They play havi metal on real, not adapted tools live! To date, the group of six robots. The vocalist of the group is Mega-Wattson, it was built for money collected on the Kickstarter platform. Soloist has mobile teeth and caterpillars for movement on stage. Earlier, "my planet" talked about why electronic dogs are popular in Japan, and about the hotel, where only robots work.

Finds of the week 63

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