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Despite the fact that these armor looks quite medieval, in fact they created a modern master from Canada Jeff de Boer. He became famous for making unusual armor for our smaller brothers (read also about the strange military uniform, which people wore). He performed the very first lats for the cat in college on the second year as a course project, and his famous mouse armor made him! "When I created armor for a cat, I broke the universal balance," de Boer says. – the only way to restore it was to equip the mouse. Since I had a clear idea of ​​what I want to do, and access to the jewelry workshop in college, I was able to create a mouse, which forever changed my life ". Of course, the most frequent question that the master is asked – whether he tried to put a living animal in his armor. He admits that with mice did not try this, but with a cat, the experiment was unsuccessful and she was pretty scratched him.

Singing bird

These unusual birds live in Australia and are called lyroid. The species of type have the ability to surprisely imitate the voices of at least 20 species of other feathers, as well as copy any sounds heard (for example, working chainsaws, car alarm or, as in the video, the sounds of a combat laser from somewhere from "Star Wars"). But the best sounds of the birds are cautious to attract females. In order to speak in front of the potential bride, they arrange a whole idea: Clean the place in the forest and build something like scene. Then climb on this hilloch and begin to sing, while painting the tail plumage (and the length of these peons is about 70 cm!). It is not surprising that females are immediately falling in love with "Rock-Stars"! Read also on how other animals choose the soul mate.

Behind the wheel of Chingachguk

On this photo of the 1905 sample captured, as the indigenous Americans in national clothes ride Pope-Toledo (read also on how the usual day has passed from the life of an ancient Indian). This car model was first introduced in 1901, worked on steam rod and originally called Billings by the name of the designer, which created it. In 1902, the company released a second model equipped with the internal combustion engine usually, and after a year the steam version ceased to release. And already in 1903, the updated version of the car was renamed Pope-Toledo. The cars were worth the incredible at the time of the amount of $ 3,500 and were very reliable: in 1905, such a car drove 1332 km and won the world’s first daily "endurance race".

Finds of the week 62


Admire the stunning night descent in the Alps, which made 25-year-old Valentin Dellyuk. He specializes in an extreme sport called "SpedleDing", or "speedrupting", combining the mountain skiing or a snowboard with a parachute (or, in this case, paraglider). The wing used for the spelhead is about twice the standard paraglider and can develop a speed from 30 to 145 km / h (while the paraglider is from 20 to 70 km / h).

Valentine at the light of the moon and a modest LED tape descended by the famous Bosson glacier, located at the foot of the highest Mont Blanc Mountain in Europe, flying down about 1500 m. In total, the extreme descent took a 4 minute athlete and 20 seconds and ended well safely (Spemldang is considered a very dangerous sport!). Valentin subsequently said that it was able to bring one of the most cherished wishes to.

Finds of the week 62

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