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Girt Vegetgen – Dutch photographer known for its photos. protein. His pictures have been published many times in newspapers and magazines, showed on television. It started all six years ago, when Fox came to the house of the stegian. He fed her, the animal began to return daily, and the future photographer began to shoot him. Then guirth switched to birds, and later – on squirrel. Now the vegan holds homemade master classes at home. Usually he organizes them twice a year. At this time, everyone can learn how to make cool shots of fluffy animals. Previously, "My Planet" talked about the rules of the life of the photographer of wildlife.


Witty design from modern our "left-hand". If such a build, then the child will ride the carousel, and the dog will get the desired dose of physical activity. By the way, in the XVI century, the carousers (then this word had a male genus) called the celebrations who came to replace the knightly tournaments. These events included demonstration performances of riders and horse balleys. Such carousels were held in Russia (and not so long ago, traditions were revived in Peterhof). In the XVIII century, French engineers built an attraction – a rotating platform, designed to parody demonstration performances of riders. Wooden horses were placed on the platform. Visitors should have been sitting on them and in this position to remove the rings from pillars or get into the target circle. Subsequently, the attraction simplified and accepted the usual appearance.

Wedding sang and dance

In this photo, made in 1970, captured traditional Chinese wedding palanquin. It was bridheld, and this process symbolized her transition from one world to another. In general, in China from ancient times there were many complex wedding traditions. For example, on the wedding day, the bride dressed up to move to the house of the future husband (find out also about what brides around the world). According to custom, she could not eat before the wedding. The groom, on the contrary, had to eat a complete cup of meat – it was supposed to bring wealth to the future family. Breakfast, he had to either send his people for the bride in Palalankina, or go for her himself. At the same time, Palaankin had to be red – this color is considered to be happy in China. By the way, often inside the boy was sazing, it was supposed to ensure the appearance of sons. The bride when she came behind her, transferred to Palankin sitting on a chair. Custom setting forbade her to go to the stretcher on the ground – it was believed that in this way she can bring dirt into the house of the groom. Read also about China in our.

Eyes run away

Finds of the week 60

No, this chameleon is crazy. The fact is that these lizards have binocular vision and are able to simultaneously clearly see the image of both eyes (read also how other animals see the world). In this case, the eyes can rotate 90 ° in the vertical plane and 180 ° horizontal and controlled by the brain independently of each other. Moreover, chameleons are able to track two goals at once, one eye one eye! And they have very good vision for lizards, they can clearly see small insects at a distance of 5-10 m. So keep in mind, chameleon watches you carefully. Previously, biologists explained why these unusual animals change color.

Tsarevna Nesmeyana

In 1905, an attraction "Sober Sue" was very popular in the New York Theater "Victoria". All those who wanted to buy a ticket, offered to make some kind of Susan. And to those who will be able to do this, promised a prize of $ 1,000 (inconceivable at that time!). Woman paid $ 20 per week. The show lasted almost six months and collected crowds of people and dozens of the most famous humorists of that time. However, nobody did not care.

Why it happened, it turned out much later. It turned out that in principle it was impossible to make a smile: she could not do this due to a rare genetic defect. He was characterized by a complete lack of facial expressions, including, of course, and smiles. So the organizers of the show did not risk! But not all shows were so harmless – existed, for example, human zoos. And the fate of black Venus is very sad.

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