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Photographer Yani Ilnampa Rod from Lapland. He returned to the same Finnish island four times to take a picture of him at different times of the year. Little island of Cotisaari is located in the midst of the long Finnish river Kemiyoki. Its area is only 40 m per 130 m. At the same time, Cotisaari is considered local attractions and is very popular with tourists.

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Magnificent Five

With such a pack of crocodile squids in hand, everyone will be able to feel himself to Feeneris Targaryene from the "Game of Thrones". The homeland of these animals, so similar on the young Dragons, – Papua – New Guinea. They are often kept as pets pets. The length of the body lizards is about 19 cm, and four crests of scales with sharp spikes are banging on the head. Thanks to them, scintors and called crocodile.

If you take a lizard in your hands, she will boil like a rubber toy – thus the animal protects against enemies. And in case of danger, Szink can pretend to be dead. In addition, scintures, like many other lizards, can throw away the tail in danger, and then it will grow back. Scientists explained this unusual natural mechanism.

Tricky question

Eiffel Most

In Georgia, there is only one narrow-chain railway, it connects the city of Borjomi and the neighboring Winter Resort of Bakuriani. The railway is electrified, and the trains will drive an old industrial electric locomotive. In addition, it has Eiffel Bridge, which can be seen in the photo. This bridge was designed by order of Prince Mikhail Romanov Alexander Gustav Eiffel. Thus, who created the future symbol of Paris – Eiffel Tower.

Finds of the week 6

Construction of the bridge began in 1897. Installation carried out constructor Bessarion Keburia. Already in January 1902, the first train drove along the narrow-chain railway line.

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And me fly hunt!

Feel at the wheel of a jet aircraft in an unusual interactive video. It can not only follow what is happening, but also look around with a mouse or buttons on the keyboard. On the video you play the role of pilot "Baltic Bees" – Aviation Group from Latvia, based in Tukums. Pilots of the Group perform on training aircraft L-39.

Finds of the week 6

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