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Mackenzie Noland Rode from Texas (USA). She recently graduated from the university and decided to celebrate it in an unusual way, having left for his "best friend" – Giant Alligator Big Tex. The length of this animal is almost 4 m, he lives on the farm of Gator Country Alligators in Beamonte and is considered the largest creature of this type contained in captivity. Macksi three months worked as a volunteer on the farm and was very friendly with Big Tex. Now the alligator allows it to scratch his nose and feed. "We have a relationship with him like a dog with the owner," girl shares impressions. In fact, alligators are extremely dangerous animals (previously "My Planet" placed video about other deadly representatives of the fauna) and eat even with their relatives.

Prepare Sani in the summer

If you thought you know about Siberia, – this video will convince you that it is not. In the roller, shot in Yakutia, imprinted how brave rides first rushing along the slope on the deer harness, and then descends directly into the water. However, animals do not slow down and go to "Swim Mode". Sani riders are equipped with an inflatable boat that turns them into a real vehicle-all-terrain vehicle.

By the way, several populations of wild reindeers live in Yakutia: Jan-Indiigir, Sundruun, Leno-Olenekskaya, island, as well as a number of taiga populations. At the same time for local reindeer herds Wild northern deer – enemies. The fact is that they are often leaving with them home female. There was a case when animals took 1500 goals from Anabar reindeer herding. Nevertheless, Russia ranks first in the world in the number of home deer. Look at the "My Planet" photo projects about Siberia XIX century, as well as about the lives of people and deer.

Eat coconuts, eat bananas

Finds of the week 59

This photo was made in 1959 not far from Honolulu (Hawaii, USA), and captured on it a pineapple combine harvester. Local lands, by the way, are famous not only by their pineapples, but also sugar cane, coffee, sisal, guava and bananas. The best areas in Hawaii are occupied by the plantations of cultures that are grown on export. In general, the Hawaiian Islands were populated by Polynesians in the III-IV centuries. For Europeans they opened the English captain James Cook in 1778. He called them sandwich islands, named one of the Lords of the British Admiralty (sandwiches sandwiches are named after him). Unfortunately, a year later, the brave captain died at Hawaiians. On February 14, 1779, he entered into conflict with the natives (the rumor was spread that the British killed several of them) and was killed. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the geographical discoveries that were not. Look asked how Hawaii residents looked 130 years ago.

Head in the clouds

The other day, American named Anna, living in a small town in Illinois (USA), came out of the store and was amazed by saw. The valley was filled with huge whilapalling clouds that the associations of Associations are either with the novels of Stephen King, or with the north of the "Game of Thrones" (previously "my planet" told, where it is worth visiting fans of the series, including "Games of Thrones"). Anna removed an unusual spectacle on video and posted on the Internet. Roller instantly became viral and collected many comments. "I watched the movie," wrote one of the bloggers – the fan of horror. – Saunce the flight, until the creatures from the fog caught you!"" Winter is close, "answered another. In fact, crazy clouds are called arcuate. Most often they are found in Australia and in warmer climate. Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman said that it was that thunderstorm clouds arise. They can form close to the ground, and then wait up. Earlier in Japan, an unusual cloud-ball was filmed, and in the USA – a cloud in the form of a mustache.

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