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Photographer Netsuk was born in Tokyo (Japan), but at the age of ten moved to the UK. In many of their photographs, it uses self-portraits as a way to study its own cultural identity. For example, in a series of pictures called Imagine Finding Me, he tried to understand that it would happen if she faced with him from the past? The photographer added its current photos to the pictures made in childhood. So in the photos succeeded immediately two tiresuka. "Modern technologies are a magic tool," girl shares impressions. – They can be compared from the time of time. In the project IMAGINE FINDING ME I seemed to travel in the past time, becoming a tourist in my own history ".

Drawing light

American Darren Pearson is also known as Darius Twin. It creates bright light videos in night shooting mode with long exposure. Instead of paints and tassel Pearson uses LED lamps. He even developed his own LED design and poetically called her "Night Writer". The artist tells that the Pablo Picasso didn’t pay much attention to his drawing drawing (learn more about the personal life of the Great Artist), and the most difficult in his work calls the need to find a place for filming where random people do not go and no light noise. However, all efforts are rewarded by a hundredfold – admire what unusual video are obtained from the author! By the way, you know why the flying plate is considered to be transported aliens?

Dangerous tree

Finds of the week 58

This unusual frog – poisonous tree. It refers to a family from a class of amphibians, numbering 179 species, and meets in the rainforest of South America. The brighter the frog is painted, the stronger her poison. That is why predators living in South America’s rules (read about how real shamans live there), bypass the side of blue, green and orange potential victims (taught by bitter experience!). The body of the tree does not produce its own poison, but accumulates it from insects, who eat frogs, – ticks, ants and beetles. Scientists checked this fact – the amphibians contained in captivity and had a different diet were significantly less poisonous. The tree has developed a curious mechanism to alleviate vertical movements: his body highlights mucus, the frog sticks to the surface and climb up it is much easier for it. Earlier, "my planet" talked about this and other ways that use animals to adapt to one way or another methods of movement.

Our stilts patch

Muse can visit not only people, but also animals: the drawing bears and chimpanzees are widely known. Now meet Pigcasso (literally – Pigcasso, Picasso Pig. She was saved from a slaughter in May 2016, and now she lives on a farm in Franceshuk (South Africa). Most of all she loves to sleep and eat. And in his free time, Pigkasso. Writes oil. As the farm owners tell, most often she draws picturesque African landscapes. A special inspiration finds on the pink after it snacks with their favorite sweets: canned peaches in syrup and caramel popcorn. It is not surprising that the pig (behind the back, of course), referred to "expressionist-heavyweight". By the way, Pigkasso’s paintings are perfectly sold, and SWATCH even released a limited series of clocks with dials decorated with its drawings. Previously, "My Planet" published a large material about what other professions were mastered by animals.

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