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On this retrofotography, made on March 30, 1945, imprisoned as the New York Police Commissioner William O’Brien splits the Pinball Machines. The fact is that from 1946 to 1970 the game was banned in New York as "ruin for children". The police carried out the order of the then mayor of Fiorello La Guardia: held regular raids in establishments, the tables carried out and destroyed them with a sledgehammer. What remained was thrown into the river. Similar measures acted in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. And in some small towns in the states, Pinball has been banned so far, at least in 1976, it was officially recognized that success in this game depends on the skill of the player – hence it cannot be considered gambling and the ban is not subject to. Read also the material "My Planet" about the strangest forbids in the world.

Tapir named Arturo

Plain Tapir Arturo lives in the Australian Zoo. His favorite pastime – to climb the caretaker Jess, when she has a rake in her hands, persistently ask himself to scratch and then enjoy. These funny herbal animals appear slightly resemble a pig. However, unlike pigs, tapirov has a short trunk. Tapirov’s females always produce only one young one who is heated long 13 months. It is curious that the newborn is very different from an adult animal: it has a protective color and completely covered with stains. It helps him to merge with the surrounding landscape. Only in half a year Tapir changes the color to the adult and then "travels around" with parents. By the way, you know, give animals names to their cubs?

Human cub

No, these are not shots from filming about Mowgli, but photos are quite a real girl. Her name is Typi DEGRE, it was born on June 4, 1990 in Windhuke (Namibia), where her parents worked as wildlife photographers. Because of this, childhood girls passed surrounded by animals and aborigines. During his life in Namibia, Tippi made friends with a leopard named J&B, zebra kid, numerous meerkats and ostriches, 28-year-old African Elephant Abu, striped mangown, giant frogs and chameleon. Local inhabitants of Bushmen and Himba tribes and Himba. They taught her in their own language, as well as to survive with the help of berries and plant roots. Later, the girl moved with his parents to Madagascar, and then returned to France. There she wrote a book about her adventures that came out in 2001 and became a bestseller. Now the girl is 28 years old, and she studies cinema in Sorbonne. Existed in the history of mankind and real "Mowgli" – children brought up by animals and then returned to the human society. And their fate often evolved much more dramatic.

Get on nuts

Finds of the week 57

You just admire this extremely domituy protein, which one by one stuffed into the mouth of the nuts! By the way, have you ever wondered how they generally round them? Of course, the protein, like other rodents, the teeth are strikingly durable. Cutters are growing throughout the life as weraim. When the animal needs to be launched, it is blocked by the bottom cutters at that very point where the nut is attached to the branch. The lower jaw in the protein consists of two half, which connects the elastic muscle. When the protein tightens the halves together, the cutters diverge to her side and, like a wedge, split nuts in half!

They will also answer another important question: does the protein remember, where it hides their stocks for the winter? Not really. Scientists believe that I smell helps to find a cache again. The fact is that before bookmarking provisions, she licks nuts or tert them about the muzzle. Due to this, the smell remains on nuts, which animal will easily find out. The sense of smell allows her to teach "its" nut under the 30-centimeter layer of snow! However, there are researchers who do not believe in the unique squirrel nuh and confident that everything is in good memory.

Dad in decreet

On the fiery land, the archipelago on the southern tip of South America, the Yaganov tribe used to live. Alas, the last Yagan died in 1999. However, we still know their unusual traditions. For example, when a man was born in a man, he had to behave as if he born, and not his wife. A newly new father spent a few days in a hut with a newborn, refused usual work and ate very little. At this time, the neighbors provided it with food. This was Yaganov male male maternity leave. Read also our material about the best fathers from the world of animals.

Finds of the week 57

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