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This unusual butterfly is called Greta OTO, or (which is quite logical) Glass butterfly. She belongs to the nymphalide family and lives in the wet forests of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia. The fabric on the wings is transparent because of the small number of colored scales, but at a certain angle they begin to move with all the colors of the rainbow, as if a soap bubble. These insects developed an interesting protection scheme from predators: the female puts eggs on plants of the genus Cestraum. The caterpillar appeared from the egg feeds them, and in her body, poisonous alkaloids are concentrated. Because of this, the butterfly, when grows, becomes unpleasant for the birds and they avoid feeding it. Earlier, "my planet" talked about whether in general on the wings of butterflies is taken drawing.

One head it’s good, but two better

Siamese twins are found not only among people, but also in animals. There are two-headed turtles, snakes, calves, piglets. On video, for example, two-headed (and quite satisfied!) Bearded Lizard from China. Just see how friendly and consistently she eats beetles with both heads. In nature, such individuals most often do not survive, but if they are taken home as pets – they can live for quite a long time. For example, a two-headed turtle named Janus from the Geneva Museum of Natural Story A couple of years ago noted the 20th anniversary. To the holiday she was presented with a heap of fresh salad.

Funny pictures

Finds of the week 56

What was so focused by the inhabitants of Beijing in 1874? Erotic pictures! It is curious that in those days, the view of the female legs without shoes (as well as bandages – then the barbaric tradition of the binting of the legs was very valued) was considered extremely obscene. Therefore, "decent" erotic images were common, which called "spring pictures": girls on them were without clothes, but they wore shoes! And in this photo project you can see images of romantic Japanese beauties embodied by geisha.

Do not be afraid, I’m with you!

Admire this touching picture: the dog was frightened by an escalator (what is this strange moving floor?!) and flatly refused to go. Then the owner took him in his arms and carried. By the way, the man did not do this at all in vain, because the long wool or tail of the animal can easily get into the mechanism and the consequences will be disappointing. So this is not only of love and care, but also for security purposes! In Europe and America, by the way, escalators often have to see signs prescribing taking animals to hands. Well, if you have chihuahua or cat. And what if Senbernar? Or elephant? Apparently, just go on foot.

Finds of the week 56

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