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This animal has a lot of names: Sea duck, Pollycipes, Persebes, sea truffle and even "Lucifer’s fingers". In fact, this is one of the types of preparing racks (and not mollusks, as it may seem). In addition, despite the frightening appearance, Persebes is the most expensive crustacean in the world, the kilogram of this product is over $ 300. That is why in Spanish Galicia – exactly there, as it is believed, the best races are found – there is still a profession of Persubery (about all sorts of rare professions, we wrote a whole review). Persuberyo, these fearless people, earn a living for the collection of marine checkskins. The fact is that getting to the rocks where the wraps will be settled, it is possible only at low tide, and it is quite dangerous. Every year several people die during the fishery. To breed the same sea truffles in captivity until now. Unlike oysters, they are not able to cultivate artificially. By the way, due to the popularity of Delicates, the colony of sea cetings in Spain began to decline dramatically. To preserve the population, the authorities of the country limited Persebes 6 kg per year per fisherman. Read also the material of "My Planet" about the impressions of the tasting of another strange food – like a boring herring and ant eggs.

Field of Dreams

A moment of milot. It seems that you can endlessly look at how happy dogs jump on a blooming rapeseed field. By the way, rapeseed is not only beautifully blooming, but also actively used in industry. It makes oil, which is then used in metallurgy, soap, textile and leather industry. And from the side products of production, then make the food foundation for animal feed. In addition, biofuels are made from rape, which is becoming increasingly popular in conditions of price increases for gasoline. Previously, "My Planet" talked about 20 best places to monitor spring flowers.

Armed and very dangerous

You just admire these delightful tissues! The most amazing thing is that it is not an elephant, but an elephant. The fact is that African elephants, in contrast to their Indian fellow, the beer grow from representatives of both sexes. Usually their length does not exceed 1.5 m. However, there are individuals with legs with a length of more than 2 m. Scientists say that nowadays no more than 30 animals with such "superbivnesses" live on Earth. Their habitats hold in strict secrete to protect from poachers. The elephant was also an elephant with a nickname F MU1, depicted in the photo. She died of old age in one of the national parks Kenya. It is known about it only now – thanks to the works of the British photographer Wildlife Will Burrd-Lucas. Look also a big photo project "My Planet" about the relationship of elephants and people in different countries of the world.

And me fly hunt

Finds of the week 55

Inventor and pilot from Switzerland Yves Rossi from youth was obsessed with a dream to fly like a bird. The implementation of this desire ranked 25 years old. As a result, he created Jetman – a rocket-wing, which allows you to develop speed up to 300 km / h with an average duration of flight 10 minutes. At the same time, Jetman is not intended for take-off from the Earth: on the desired height, it rises in a balloon, helicopter or plane. Landing is carried out using a traditional parachute. Yves Rossi made many flights on their wings and still contributes to the design. In different years, he flew in La Mans, nine times sheltered around the Japanese Volcano Fuja Fuja, flew over a large canyon and Swiss Alps, along with two Fighters of Switzerland Air Force. Earlier, "my planet" placed an interview with an athlete who flies in Wingsuit.

Carnival will not

In 1925, a carnival was held in Kenon City, Colorado (USA), where the local department of Kukluksklanovents came in full. They clearly knew how to have fun (and at the same time, to scare everyone around everyone)! Judging by the photo, on the damn wheel, together with them, no one again decided. In general, as such Ku-Klux Clan was created after defeat in the civil war of 1861-1865 by a group of confederate veterans as a terrorist ultra-embaling organization. She had a hierarchical structure, at the head of which the Great Mag was standing. Then followed the Great Dragons, Titans and Cyclops. The first leader of the clan was the general confederates of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Members of the secret society invented themselves a special uniform – white balauches with eye slits. They served immediately two goals: to intimidate black and make it so that the club members could not identify local authorities.

It is curious that in the original form the organization existed only about ten years. The second Ku-Kloux clan appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was greatly popular. In the 1920s, it consisted over 4 million people!

Finds of the week 55

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