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1878 became a landmark for Parisian. This year, a grand world exhibition was held, designed to restore the international prestige of France, which was pretty stunned after the defeat in the Franco-Penglish War. The exhibition was demonstrated by a number of amazing for those times of inventions: Aluminum Airplane Du Tampl, Cup of Apple, upgraded telephone Alexander Bella. Thomas Edison brought a phonograph and phone (as people transferred messages in antiquity, read in our article "Ancient Means of Communication"). In addition, the public for the first time saw the head of the Freedom Statue – the body was not yet finished (by the way, you know that the statue inside?).

But the nail of the program was a giant balloon, which built an inventor and a popularizer of aeronautics Henri Zhiffer. This giant had a height of 55 m and a diameter of 36 m, could rise to a height of up to 600 m, and up to 50 people were placed in its basket! From July 10 to November 4, 1878, it rose a total of 35,000 passengers. You could see him from any quarter of Paris, and he gained incredible popularity. It was after the appearance of this giant balloons spread all over the world. Previously, "My Planet" told where you can fly on a bowl today.

The times of the Councils have come

Artist Refic Anadol from Turkey creates unusual "live" images using machine learning. The algorithm combines a lot of photos to get what the author calls "Hallucination sculptures". This project is called Latent Space and is dedicated to the architecture of past centuries. It is based on manually selected images of the catalogs of times of Gothic and Renaissance – a total of about 250,000 photos were used. It turned out to be spectacular, is not true?

Hiding from the storm

Finds of the week 54

What happens on this photo? Yes, just 30 flamingos patiently worried a hurricane in the toilet Zoo Miami. It happened in 1992 during the famous Hurricane "Andrew" – the Atlantic tropical hurricane, the third largest over the US banks in the 20th century (by the way, you know what the Typhoon, Hurricane and Tsunami differ?). At the moment when the element fell on Miami, the zoo staff launched birds to the toilet so that those stretched the storm. Hurricane Andrew was one of the most destructive hurricanes in America in the entire history of observations, the losses he inflicted is estimated at $ 25-34 billion.

Needed to wash in the morning and evenings

This cute frog – the Chakskaya Monkey Kvaksha (Phyllomedusa Sauvagii), and, how to easily understand from the video, it is very serious about maintaining cleanliness (also our test on hygiene history). These are rather large amphibians, the length of their body can reach 8 cm, they will grow most often on the trees. They are not too hidden, so they are interested in watching them in the terrarium. In addition, they are simple in content, so they are often chosen as pets. Earlier, "my planet" talked about what unusual animals people are settled worldwide – from deer beetles to sugar heating.

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