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In the middle of the XX century, beauty contests became incredibly popular. At the same time, they arranged them all in a row – from companies producing sausage products or markers, to the league of ivy and clubs of pet lovers. Admire our selection of the most unusual queens of those times. They were all beautiful, is not true? Previously, "My Planet" published a large photo project "Atlas of Beauty".

Everything’s under control

This year, winter in some parts of Europe was surprisingly snowy. Because of this, in the mountainous regions – for example, in Eastern Switzerland – you have to make a controlled descent of avalanche (so that they suddenly do not touch on their own and did not finish tourists and skiers). It looks very impressive, in which you can make sure, looking at the video.

By the way, about the work of uniform services, people usually know very little. Forced snow descent most often organize, arranging explosions to launch avalanche. For this purpose, a special field team goes into place. Her employees most often have the formation of glaciologists (experts in the snow) and meteorologists. But besides this, they are desirable to have mountaineering training, to be able to have a medical assistance and skiing or snowboarding. To work with explosives, only those who passed special training courses are allowed.

Wonders from paper

Japanese master Masayo Fukuda works with paper for about 25 years and knows how to create amazing things from it. Forget about the rank cutting of snowflakes and admire this delicious octopus. Incredibly thin work! "When I cut out of paper, all my everyday problems and stress scaps out," Japanese tells. – And most importantly, to start, you need only paper, a sharp stationery knife, cutting rug and a good source of light ". Octopus created by Fukuda looks so detailed that it is easy to confuse with a pattern with a ballpoint handle. An animal was created from one piece of white paper size A2 and perfectly reflects the body shape characteristic of this marine inhabitant, eyes and many supreets (by the way, you know why this mollusk is not confused in them?). Work on the octopus took Masayo for two months. Look also video about a variety of Japanese quidnings.

Finds of the week 53

Hey bear

You are sitting in your tent in the forest, you do not touch anyone and suddenly discover outside. Brown bear. This is one of the largest land predators on earth, no wonder it is respectful called the owner of the forest. The biggest bears are found in Kamchatka and Alaska, their weight can reach 750 kg. They are perfectly swimming, they run very quickly – at a speed of up to 50 km / h, and in the youth, it is easily climbing on the trees. Therefore, trying when meeting with Kosolapi, they escape on the pine – a bad idea, better or carefully and slowly leave the same way that they came (in no way turning to the animal back!), or if the predator has already noticed you, go to the embryo pose and pretend to be dead. Also, the bear can be removed with loud sounds. But it is impossible to show direct aggression towards him, throwing stones or sticks. In this case, he is likely to attack. Earlier "My Planet" published excerpts from the diary of the journalist, who lived in Kamchatka side by side with bears.

Spring is coming

Admire how beautiful in Osaka flowers sakura. During walks through the streets of the city, it seems that you get into a magical fairy tale. The period of flowering in Japan begins with the middle of March (you can still have time to take tickets!) in the south of the country and gradually goes to the northern islands. In total, Sakura blooms only a couple of weeks, but at this time the best points for admirement occupy crowds of tourists. This year, flowering peak will be at the end of March – the beginning of April. Japanese call the holiday of admiring Sakura "Khana". Traditionally, it is not only accepted to walk, enjoy the beauty of nature and inhale the aroma of blooming cherries, but also to arrange picnic trees.

Finds of the week 53

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