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After World War I, Budapest was overwhelmed by a tragic suicide wave. Residents of the city decided to fight with depression in an unusual way and organized a "smile club". It was believed that if you smile as often as possible, the mood will improve by itself. October 17, 1937 The Sunday Times Perth newspaper published an article about the new club: "The organizers conduct regular classes and guarantee that they will teach you to smile like Roosevelt, Mona Lisa, Clark Gables, Dick Powell or Loretta Young. On the above photos, you can see one of the participants of the club using a special therapeutic bandage. Read also material "My Planet" about the features of the national smile.

It’s time to eat

This is a true thriller: chameleon decided to eat a careless dragonfly. Tense moment, lizard slowly moves in the direction of the victim, then the lightning movement of the language should be a lightning move – and she is already in her mouth. By the way, in just 3 seconds, chameleon can catch up to four insects. So with a dragonfly on video he still almond. The rate of throwing language in these reptiles depends on the size of the animal. In a number of small chameleons, it can reach 100 km / h for a hundredth fraction of a second. Earlier, "my planet" told what we learn from nature – including chameleons who know how to change the color.

Lost letter

The building with such an unusual writing of the word "entrance" can be found on the Pokrovsky Boulevard in Moscow. The fact is that until the 50s of the last century, the apostrophe often used instead of the letter "Kommersant". That is, the newspapers wrote, for example, "Edge" instead of the usual announcement. This was due to the Soviet Practice of the Typographic Set in the first decades of the Soviet power distributed in the first decade. In some models of printed machines of those times, the letter "Kommers" was absent at all. On buildings, embossed inscriptions "Pod’t 1, Pod’t 2 …" did mainly in the 1920s. Read also a fascinating story of adventure and transformations of the letter "A" in different languages ​​of the world.

Who is called Galago

Finds of the week 52

What kind of touching animal is having to sleep on the shoulder at the owner? This is Galago. Heard about this? He refers to the class of primates. Motherland of these animals – Africa. They are mainly a nightlife, and during the day they are resting among members of their packs, which usually appeals from two to seven individuals. Galago in recent years is gaining popularity as pets: to care for them just, during the day they sleep, so do not miss the owner who goes to work. And in the evening they wake up, so on returning from the office with them you can always play. By the way, at night, he also behaves very decently, quiet and delicately. Is that sometimes scaby chasing. Earlier, "my planet" talked about other unusual pets, which people are given.

Train departs

At this photo of 1936, made in Chicago (USA), the train "Mercury" is captured. It was created as "Train of tomorrow". Developed his well-known master of industrial design Henry Dreyfus, who invented to make the design outwardly monolithic, without the usual separation on the cars. What now looks like an excellent solution for high-speed trains, in the 1930s was so aliented that Dreyfus could not sell the project from the first time. The first Mercury was put into operation on July 13, 1936 and transported passengers between Detroit and Cleveland. Then three more trains running on other routes were launched. They worked until 1959, after which they were removed from lines. However, the locomotives themselves used as much as 1975. Read also on how to drive around around the train.

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