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Admire this amazing snapshot – the photographer managed to fall out the wintering day in a second before he swallowed his prey. These small, weighing up to 50 g, the birds have a very bright appearance. The family includes more than a hundred species of feathered. At the same time, the kingfishers are real introverts, they persistently avoid animals, amphibians, people and other birds. They prefer to live as far as possible even from their fellow villagers, merging into the pairs only during periods of breeding (read also on how the birds manage to vote magnificent nests without engineering devices).

In many languages, the kingfisher is called the king fisherman (Kingfisher). Bird really has impressive hunting skills. It usually suits small fish, sitting on a sprig of water. When the time to attack comes, the kingfishers sharply dives into the water, grabs production and instantly returns to the place. By the way, in ancient times, people believed that these feathers predict rainy weather if the wings were dried, sitting on the shore.

In the kingdom of buddha

This impressive is called Fanzinshan, or the Mountains of Panzin, and is located in the Chinese Guizhou province. In 2018, they were included in the list of UNESCO international heritage (they became 53rd in account of China, which fell into this list). But for the Chinese themselves, these mountain peaks have long had an important religious importance. Fanzincen is one of the five shrines of Chinese Buddhists, and the very name of the mountains translates as "Buddhist paradise". In these mountains, the only Sanctuary of Buddha Milafo (laughing Buddha) has been preserved. Also read the material "My Planet" on the rules of life of the former Buddhist monk.

Dad bought a car

In the 40s of the last century in a number of European countries – Norway, France, the Netherlands (by the way, you know why they are also called Holland?), Germany – in conditions of lack of gasoline, cars became popular on the "Lighting Gas". In the UK, such gas was also called coal. The fuel was pumped into the rubberized bag on the roof of the machine. After full refueling, the car could drive 50-70 km. Such bags equipped and public transport. Of course, the use of gas was associated with certain risks – he could explode. Therefore, stops in those times equipped with special signs that have banned smoking on the territory. By the way, buses with bags on the roofs were used in China. There they were distributed for a very long time – they can be seen even in the photographs of the 1990s.

Spring is coming

Finds of the week 51

Minute of nature observation of nature. This timelapse captured how plants produce roots, how fresh shoots germinate from the ground. The spectacle is meditative and configuring the rapid arrival of spring (pass also our test dedicated to the onset of warm season!). By the way, you know what plant will sprout by the faster? This is an edible sheet, one of the fastest growing bamboo species. For the latter, in principle, a high growth rate is characterized, but the leaf-collector here is a real record holder. Per day he can stretch to 120 cm! Although the average growth rate of it is still 40 cm per day. In general, in a few months, the leafleman reaches thirty-meter height.

Watchmakers master

These chimes were installed in the center of Prague in 1410 and still go. They count the time for more than six centuries and are the oldest in the world the astronomical clock to this day. Recently they survived another repairs. Chimes show sunrise time and sunset and moon, current date (year, month and day), moon phases, position of zodiac signs. You can also find out time in three calculus systems: Babylonian, Central European and Starochoe. In addition, they are decorated with many figures.

For hours, it is very interesting to observe: every day from 8:00 to 20:00 the chimes show a whole performance. The top windows on both sides of the stone angel opens, and the figures of the 12 apostles appear in pairs. Each of them keeps the symbol of their passions or traditional attribute in her hands. At the same time, the characters near the astronomical dial are also started to move: death turns the hourglass, vanity looks into the mirror from different sides, stacking shakes the bag with money, and the Turk has a negatively shakes his head.

Finds of the week 51

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