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Surprisingly, the fact: the picture is captured at all barge with a tug, but a real train. This composition is transporting the extracted salt at the Lake Bulinsky in the Slavgorod district of the Altai Territory. The unusual color of water in the lake – from pink to raspberry – due to the content of red algae. In the winter, from November to March, the water level in the lake rises above the rail, so the impression is that the trains go straight on the water.

This mad world

In the field of view of the Google Street View cameras sometimes get the most unexpected situations. The system was established in 2007 and makes it possible to look at the panoramic views of the streets around the world.

One love in my head

Modesta Middle of the last century also loved Valentine’s Day.

Pasta and Basta

Pastafarian Church, also known as the Church of the Flying Macaroni Monster, has the official right to register marriages in New Zealand. The head of the local church, "Ministeroni Karen Martin received such a permit in 2016. During the ceremony, the bride and the bride instead of the rings exchange Rigatoni, and also eaten from two sides Makaronin of Love. Recently, Pastafarian Marriage in Wellington concluded two travelers from Russia. Previously, "My Planet" wrote about other strange world religions and unusual marriages.

Under the wing of the aircraft

Parking aircraft at the airport Mehrabad in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Mehrabad is one of the largest and loaded airports of the country, but now serves mainly internal freight and passenger flights. From the airport, flights are carried out in almost every Iranian city, where there is a plane.

Catch Me If You Can

Finds of the week 49

Sharks that accelerate a giant flock of fish.

Where did the paisley pattern come from

Who would have thought, but the famous paisley pattern, or the "Indian cucumber", actually depicts not the cucumbers, and mango! Indians believe that this drawing brings happiness and prosperity, so it is often used in ornaments and embroidery.

How it’s done

So the machine for the production of short macaroni penne works. Hypnotizing spectacle.

Finds of the week 49

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