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Photographer Viktor Cheng nodes from Toronto, but lives in Hong Kong. For his growing portfolio, he removes the most beautiful places on Earth. "I always triggered me," says the photographer in his instagram. – so cool to be able to be somewhere for the first time and capture the magnificence of this place ". To carry out the filming of Cheng, uses the camera installed on the drone. This allows him to receive great pictures from an unusual point of view. Previously, "My Planet" placed a selection of the best photos made from drones.

Harsh Chinese winter

Conquering the Great Wall of China in bad weather – a difficult task! It remains only to hope that it cost without human victims. The Great Wall of China itself is a dividing wall that passes through North China for almost 9000 km. Its thickness is about 5-8 m, and the height is 6-7 m, however, in some areas it reaches 10 m. Originally called the "barrier" or "fortress". Later she got more poetic names, such as the "purple border" and "Dragon Earth". Call the wall of the Great Chinese steel only at the end of the XIX century.

Construction of the wall surrounds a lot of legends. One of them states that the place and direction of construction of the work has indicated a huge dragon. He passed along the boundaries of the country, and the workers built a wall, following his traces. Some believe that even the shape of the wall itself has similarities with a flying dragon. Check it in the video posted on my planet.

With hole in the right side

Do you know that the nipples are located on the sides? Four left, four on the right. Everything so that the waterfowl family felt safe and did not need anything. Moreover, the structure of the body of the Nutria has other anatomical features associated with semi-water lifestyle. So, the nasal holes of this rodent are equipped with locking muscles and can close tightly. The lips are divided in front and tightly closed behind the incisors, which allows the nutria to eliminate the plants under water, without passing the water into the oral cavity. On the fingers, at least the rear, there are membranes. And tail serves steer.

Finds of the week 48

In the photo – Nutria from Sochi Arboretum. In addition to Nutry, Pelicans, White and Black Swans, Turkey, Chickens live in a small zoo. In general, the whole economy. More about Sochi arboretum can be found in the material "My Planet".

Christ from the abyss

"Christ from the abyss" (ITAL. IL Cristo Degli abissi) – such a name wears this underwater statue of Jesus Christ, located at the bottom of the sea, in the San Fruttuozo Bay in Italy. The statue was installed at a 17-meter depth of August 22, 1954. The height of the monument is 2.5 m.

The idea of ​​creating an unusual statue came to the head of Dyiver Duilio Markante. At the same time, Diver wanted not only to show his religious feelings, but also perpetuating the memory of the aqualangist Dario Gonzhatti, who died at this place in 1947. Statue performed from bronze sculptor Guido Galletti, and now it is a popular object among divers from around the world. By the way, sometimes under the water, not only monuments, but also whole cities.

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