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Ancient people also loved the cats! This is confirmed by petroglyphs belonging to one of the pre-columbotic cultures of North America. They date back to the XII-XIII century and were found in the ruins of Pueblo Puerco in Arizona (USA). Mysterious cats in fact, most likely, were mummies. In addition to them, primitive artists depicted antelope, birds, lizards, scenes of hunting and many human persons. By the way, the name of the settlement was given by the Spaniards, moreover, without a special pitue in relation to the aborigines. Pueblo Puereko can be translated as "pigsty".

Name Legion

Admire how an unusually passes the parade of the "Spartan Legion" of the Norfolk University in the US. They are also called Jazz squadron named after Julia Caesar. "Legion" consists of a total of 250 people: musicians, dancers and technicians from among students of the university – and is considered one of the main marching orchestras of the country. Spartans are elegant green shape with gold details and sparkling helmets. The orchestra participated in a variety of solemn parades and events, including Presidential Rally Barack Obama in Norfolk. By the way, in 2006, the escadron even came with touring in St. Petersburg. Previously, "my planet" also told about other unusual parades: Wow on Bali, parade in honor of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and Penguin Parade in Pittsburgh.

Sun protection

Finds of the week 46

Until the 1940s, the sunscreen did not exist, so women went to a wide variety of tricks to escape from sunlight. For example, we went to such a cape with built-in "sunglasses". Tan until the middle of the 20th century was unpopulated and was considered an indicator of low social status. Only in the era of Coco Chanel Fashion has changed radically. It is believed that it is the legendary fashion designer who struck everyone with his tan after a sea cruise. After that, Flashing Parisian fashionista, everything as one steel sunbathing under the scorching sun.

Who is rules here?

In this video, you can observe how the rulers of European countries replaced each other during the 24th centuries – year after year, starting from the 400th to. NS. Roller made youtube-blogger under the nickname of Cottereau, who is seriously interested in geographical maps. In the video, you can watch which rulers remained longer in power. For example, Ramses II Rules as long as 66 years old, Ivan Grozny – 51 years old, Queen Victoria – 64 years old, and Louis XIV – as many as 72 years! Earlier, "my planet" told, why the kings gave nicknames. Full video option See here.

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