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This photo captured as Marine Elephant Roland V takes snow baths in the Berlin Zoo in 1955. By the way, weighed Roland about 1800 kg. Interesting the origin of the animal name. The fact is that the very first sea elephant in the Berlin Zoo appeared in the late 20s of the last century. Called him how easy it is to guess, Roland. He lived in the zoo for six years and enjoyed universal love. After death with the animal even removed the posthumous mask, and also made a sculpture. Since then, maritime elephants in the Berlin zoo began to call exactly Rolands.

By the way, marine elephants are considered the largest predators on Earth. In the water they spend about 300 days a year, overcoming during this time a distance of up to 13,000 km. Animals can be carried out under water about two hours and dive to a depth of 2 km. You can see other animal giants in the photo project "My Planet".

Good old times

The oldest video in the world dates back to 1888. Mute black and white roller called "Scene in Roundhai Garden" was removed by the director and inventor Louis Leprens. In the video, the relatives of Leprens walk in the garden near the house of the testing and the mother-in-law of the inventor in the suburb of Leeds Oakwood Grandge (England). The names captured on the film of people are exactly known: these were the son of the film operator Adolf Leprens, the mother-in-law Sarah Robinson Whitley, the owner of the factory, Joseph Whitley and Harriet Hartley.

The film lasts 1.66 seconds. And he was removed over seven years before the official date of birth of the cinema – 1895, when Louis and Auguste Lumira received a patent for them invented by the machine "Cinema".

To find out, let you go to a decent house of the XIX century (one of which, undoubtedly, was the house of Wortley family), go through the test "My Planet".

Showed teeth

Have you ever looked at the mouth of Guse? It turns out, there is teeth! They are sharp plates located along the edges of the beak, and serve to polish food. In addition, with their help, Gusey is easier to pinch grass. Yes, and pinch the unlucky attire.

Previously, "My Planet" told about the "teeth" in birds, as well as whether all mammals have milk teeth.

World in fire

Horstyl Waterfall, located in the Yosemit National Park in California (USA), two weeks a year is such an amazing spectacle. The waterfall is located on the east side of the mountain ridge of El Captain and has a height of 650 m. Every February at sunset here you can see a rare spectacle – reflection of the rays of the sunset in the water stream. Because of it, literally for a couple of minutes, the waterfall becomes bright orange and resembles the streams of lava or molten metal. At this time, tourists from all over the world will admire it.

Read also the material of "My Planet" about the wrong waterfalls.

Finds of the week 44

Memory card

In early January of this year, an unusual monument was opened in Dubai – the largest photo frame in the world. The sculpture of 150 m high is located in the Park Zaable and is called "Dubai Frame". Work on the construction of the monument began in 2013 and should have been completed in 2015. However, the discovery was postponed due to the lack of necessary building materials, including the gilded stainless steel cladding, which covers the frame frame.

Now the monument is finally open to visitors, for visiting adults take 50 dirhams (about 300 rubles.), with children – 30 (about 190 rubles.). For this money you can visit the observation platform located on the top of the "Dubai Frame", and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Look also a video about how a giant slingshot was installed in Dubai. To launch people in the air.

Eyes diplomat

Chronicle of one day of Moscow, filmed by a British diplomat in 1965. That year for the USSR was marked by the beginning of the Board of Brezhnev. It was in 1965 that the Victory Day was celebrated in the country again, which was canceled in 1947. In March 1965, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made the first in history to enter outdoor space. In cinemas shown the ribbon "Operation "NS" and other adventures of Shurika ", which was watched by a record 69.6 million people. And in that year, Sophie Loren came to Moscow.

Earlier, "my planet" published a selection of images of an American diplomat, which visited the USSR in the 1950s.

Finds of the week 44

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