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These unusual frogs in English are called bull frogs (BullFrog), and they are called in our. They are found on the African continent, mainly in Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique and Angola. Rying frogs – Terrible predators, they eat not only insects, but also rodents, small birds, reptiles and even other frogs. They have large teeth, so if you take such a frog in your hands or start teasing, she can bite!

These are very large amphibians: the length of adult individuals can reach 25 cm, and the weight is as much as 2 kg. They lead a nightly ground lifestyle, and in the afternoon they burn into the coastal soil or sit in the water in shallow water. When drought comes, digging frogs are hiding in IL and surround themselves with a cocoon consisting of many layers of dead skin. It looks like polyethylene. In it, the animal can live two or three months, absorbing water from the bladder (and is stored there can up to 0.5 l of liquid). In Africa, digging frogs are considered a delicacy. Previously, "my planet" told why the French eat frogs.

Selfie from Princess

One of the first selfie in history did the Great Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, the youngest daughter Nicholas II. She took a picture of herself in 1914 on Kodak Brownie chamber. Anastasia attached a shot to the note from October 28, 1914, where I wrote: "I made it a photo, looking at myself in the mirror. It was not easy, since my hands trembled ". According to the memories of contemporaries, the princessed had a cheerful character: she could run around the palace for hours, playing Phanti and Napta. One of her hobbies was a photo. In 2013, in Zlatoust found a collection of informal pictures of the royal family, some of which was made by Anastasia. Earlier, "my planet" told about the fake princesses, including pseudo-anastassium.

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catch the wave

From this video, you can find out how brave surphist feels, driving right under the big wave. By the way, the first person in the history described surfing is considered Captain James Cook ("My Planet" placed a photo project about Hawaii, who opened a brave captain). In 1778, he wrote that a man on the board "seemed to be on the verge of ecstasy, so quickly and smoothly grounded by the sea". Surfing is one of the most ancient sports. Its origin is not known for now, but there are prehistoric rock paintings in the town of Chan-Chan (Peru), depicting people riding waves. These images about 5000 years.

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